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The Importance of Marble Fountain Placement

Marble Fountain Placement Is Important

If you’ve always wanted to have a marble fountain and now you have a home of your own and some funds to spend on the project, you can get what you’ve always wanted. Before you go out and buy a marble fountain or have one customized to suit your preferences, it’s important to figure out where you want the fountain to go. Not every fountain will work in every location, so you’ll want to purchase a fountain to meet the needs of your location. Here are a few locations to consider along with fountains that will suit those options.

Within The Garden

If you have a lovely garden and you want a fountain in the center of it all to act as a focal point, a free-standing marble fountain will do nicely. You will need to make sure the ground is level where you plan to place the fountain and that the fountain won’t be too close to your flowers, or it might take over their beds. Size is always negotiable if you customize a fountain to your liking.

Against A Garden Wall

If you’d like to have a fountain in the garden but don’t want to waste any ground space, you could have a wall mounted fountain. Place it up against the house or a garden wall to give you that soothing, trickling sound.

On The Front Lawn

Some homeowners like to bring the grandeur to the front of their house and place a marble fountain on the front yard. Again, you’ll need a level spot and you could consider putting it in the landscaping of the yard as well. The amount of space you have will help you determine how much room you have to offer the marble fountain.

In The Entryway

If you want to have that water sound on the inside of the house, there’s nothing wrong with placing a marble fountain in the entryway. If you have a lot of space, a free-standing marble fountain can make a huge impression. Otherwise, wall fountains work well too, in certain situations.

Don’t Forget About Height

Fountains can be wide or they can be tall—or both. You will want to think about how tall you want the fountain to be. If you put a marble fountain inside the entryway and it’s really tall, even though you have low ceilings, it might not fit and look silly. The height is very important to the overall appeal you will get from the marble fountain.

Finding The Right Material

Once you have a location in mind for your marble fountain, contact Impression and consult with our specialists. You know you want marble, but there are many different colors to choose from. You can also get plain and straightforward fountains or ones with statues or ornate carvings. The decisions are completely up to you since marble can be shaped and carved in any way. The craftsman at Impression can take your marble fountain dreams and make them come alive.

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