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How To Use Reclaimed Terracotta in Your Home Design

Reclaimed Terracotta: A Top Choice for Home Design

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate a unique and impressive material into your home’s design? If you have thought about reclaimed terracotta as a choice material, then you are on the right path. Reclaimed terracotta is a phenomenal choice for flooring and roofing. These tiles give your home a timeless, European appeal. Because of its beautiful appearance and durability, it is a top choice for interior and exterior design.

What Is Reclaimed Terracotta?

Reclaimed terracotta is tile that is salvaged from farmhouses, chateaux and other buildings in France. These tiles were made a century or so ago and are still in good condition today. We take the tiles and reconstruct them to fit specific tile sizes and designs, or for roofing. Because they were made many years ago from sand and clay they vary in color from reds, to yellows, to browns. They provide a charming characteristic to your home with their warm, earthy tone and unique, European appeal. These tiles can come in many different shapes from hexagon, to square, etc.

Below are two fantastic ways to use reclaimed terracotta tile for your next home remodel or “face-lift” project.

1. Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles for Flooring

Reclaimed terracotta is perfect material for flooring, as it is durable and can withstand heavily trafficked areas. If you are interested in terracotta for your dining room, hallways, family room, kitchen, or otherwise, there are numerous benefits for this type of flooring including:

  • Durability – It is strong and can be used in heavily trafficked areas.
  • Aesthetics – It gives your home a charming, Old World characteristic.
  • Mold/ bacteria and water resistant – It won’t rot so it’s perfect for bathrooms or outside.
  • Variety – It comes in different colors, shapes and sizes and even patterns and designs to fit your preference.
  • Environmentally friendly – Reclaimed terracotta is recycled material and is minimally processed in a way that is friendly for the environment.

2. Reclaimed Terracotta for Roofing

Does your roofing need to be spruced up? If you are looking for the best materials to give your roofing a makeover, reclaimed terracotta is the perfect option. It gives your home a beautiful European look that will impress anyone passing by. The outer appearance of your home matters because people judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a home by its roofing and exterior. What people see on the outside, they will assume is what’s on the inside. Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality, so you want to make sure that you send the right message by having the exterior design you deserve. Reclaimed terracotta has numerous benefits including:

  • Charming aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Good for the environment

If you want to make a stunning impact with your home’s design, choosing the materials is half the struggle. Once you know what you want, it will be just the matter of having it built. We hope that you find the perfect stone materials for your custom home features and home projects.