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Inside of a Luxury Living Room

How to Make a Luxury Home

Drab to Fab Doesn’t Just Apply to Fashion

People get makeovers all the time – there are few things so unique to culture in Westernized countries as re-making yourself to be more attractive. Makeovers, though, don’t apply solely to faces and wardrobes, though. People give their homes makeovers all the time, and sometimes, the homes become completely different places than the ones that they were before. If you are curious about the things that you can do to turn your home into the luxurious escape that you deserve, here are a couple of suggestions.

Limestone Fireplace

The fireplace is a part of your home that is an often-overlooked opportunity to make real and beautiful change. A custom limestone fireplace can be ordered from your local limestone company. When your local limestone company gets your order, they will design a new fireplace just for you. Limestone isn’t just beautiful, but also fire-proof and cool-to-the-touch. When your new fireplace arrives, and the installer is gone, you’re left with new memories to make.

Marble Floors

Few other things are as strongly associated with luxury homes than marble floors. Marble floors add a beautiful touch to any space, and a distinctively sharp clack as you walk across. Marble floors can be soft, but they can also be touch, just depending on the type of finish that you’re looking for. A local limestone company can also assist you with questions about marble flooring.

New Pool

With so many dreaming of owning an in-ground pool of their own, it is a dream come true that you may actually be in the market to get one to upgrade your home. Home pools usually do not go deeper than about five feet, but some will go ten. The deeper the pool, the more serious the family is about swimming, or competitive swimming. Adding a gorgeous and durable limestone deck for your pool would make an excellent addition to a home with limestone in other parts of the house.

Hot Tub

Next to your pool for cooler months, or simply after the gym, could be a lovely hot tub. If you’re dealing with arthritis, or extreme tension in your body, hydrotherapy can be helpful to you. With jets of warm water to relax and center you, a hot tub is wonderful thing to enjoy with your family, or with friends. Like your pool, your hot tub would also be gorgeous with a limestone wall surrounding it. The soft-colored stone would definitely contribute to a calming ambiance that could then be accented with soothing blue light.  

Cutting-Edge Appliances

No home upgrade is complete without upgrading appliances. Can you imagine your mom’s stove in a futuristic home? What about an outdated refrigerator next to the shiny new kitchen hood? The pictures don’t match up, but your kitchen should. Adding new appliances to make your perfection kitchen is an excellent decision when it’s time to upgrade your home. You increase your home’s value when you remodel the kitchen, and make cooking a pleasure.