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How To Clean Limestone Flooring The Right Way

Why Limestone Flooring Needs Special Care

Limestone is a natural stone that can last a very long time if taken care of properly. This durable material has been used for thousands of years throughout Europe and all over the world. While it can last for centuries, it can etch and stain if not cared for, as most other materials will do the same. Different types of materials need different kinds of care. We want your limestone flooring to remain as lovely and luxurious as it is when it was first installed, so that is what we are going to take a look at today.

How To Care For Your Limestone Flooring

If you search online how to clean limestone, you will get a lot of different solutions; however, be sure to use caution when looking at these guides. Not all the DIY (do it yourself) recipes for cleaners work, and may even harm your limestone. When it comes to caring for your limestone, be sure to stick the with experts advice. The best advice we can give you is to care for your limestone the right way, so that you prevent any damage to it. Preventive measures are important to take note of so that way you won’t have to worry about costly damage to your natural stone flooring.

Cleaners To Stay Away From

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed from calcium carbonate and is very porous. It can range in colors due the type of impurities that were in the sediment when it was formed. Even though it is a durable natural stone, it is also soft, which is why limestone flooring needs to be sealed and taken care of. Cleaners you should stay away from are any type of cleaners with harsh abrasives and chemicals. As for DIY cleaners, acid based ingredients such as vinegar and lemon should be avoided.

How Often Should I Clean My Limestone Flooring?

A benefit of limestone flooring is that it is low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be cleaned daily, unless there is a spill or other type of mess. Yet, cleaning it once a week will help keep it looking fresh and new. When you clean it on a daily basis, all you need is a simple multi-surface cleaner that is made for limestone. Be sure to use a soft sponge or cloth and stay away from any type of brush that has hard bristles that could etch the surface. Limestone flooring can also be swept – just be sure to use a soft bristled broom.

What To Do If There Are Stains

Even though you may do your best to prevent stains, it’s happens sometimes. If you find that your flooring gets heavy grime or stains on it, then you will need to use a more intense cleaner. They are made to get dissolve the dirt so that you can easily wipe it away. These cleaners aren’t recommended for daily use, but are good for getting those trouble areas to behave.

Of course if you have additional questions about limestone flooring, we will be pleased to help the best we can.