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How to Choose the Perfect Stone for Your Fireplace

How to Choose the Perfect Stone for Your Fireplace

Choosing the perfect stone for your fireplace doesn’t have to be a stressful process!

Today we’ll be looking at the different factors to consider when choosing a stone design for your fireplace, and how to match that stone to the rest of your home for ultimate cohesiveness.

Decide on an Aesthetic

Every home has its own vibe, and it’s through that style choice that paint colors, furniture, and home features are chosen. Some popular design aesthetics include rustic, modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, old-world, and farmhouse. As part of choosing the stone for your fireplace, you’ll need to decide what category of designs you’ll be choosing from based on your style.

It’s possible you’re redoing your entire home, in which case you may be altering how your interior design functions. In these cases, choose a fireplace design that’s more minimal — it’ll give you more freedom and flexibility when you finally fill your home with new furniture. If you’re adding a fireplace to an existing aesthetic, don’t be afraid to go all out! Pick something that matches your furniture, and possibly even adds some flair.

Consider Design

Before picking a stone material, you’ll need to also consider the actual architectural design of your fireplace. Size and shape are large components of this. Some fireplaces rest on the ground while others are raised. Some have overmantels that stretch to the ceiling, while others end at the mantel. The shape of overmantels is another big decision, and you’ll see that some are squared off while others taper or have funnel-esc designs. For this step, it’s advisable to work with a professional for their opinion!

Pick a Stone Material

Picking a stone for your fireplace should be influenced by your personal design preferences as well as the potential shape of the fireplace that you’ll be installing. Here are three types of stone that Impression uses to create dream fireplaces.

Limestone for Fireplaces

Limestone is a popular choice for fireplaces. It’s known for bringing comfort, warmth, and beauty to a living room through its welcoming colors. An especially soft stone, limestone provides years and years of durability while still capable of being carved into incredibly intricate designs.

Marble for Fireplaces

Marble is just as popular as limestone when it comes to creating custom fireplaces. Marble is extremely dense and durable, as well as fire-resistant. Marble has historically been used in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, and is a timeless material to use.

Choose a Color and Texture

The last step to finishing up your fireplace is to pick a color and texture. These will be in part limited by your stone choice. Luckily, each of the above stones come in a wide variety of colors and textures that match every design style. It’s most common to choose a neutral tone, especially if you intend on ever selling your home. However, bolder colors are also beautiful!

Contact Impression for Your Stone Fireplace

Impression has helped so many people achieve their dream homes; will you be next? Our team of expert craftsmen and artisans has been creating custom natural stone home features for over a quarter of a century, and we’re experts in adding value to homes through timeless beauty and endless attention to detail. We offer a wide range of stones to choose from, imported from France and Italy for top-tier quality. If you’re considering adding a natural stone fireplace to your home, contact us at Impression today to see how we can help!

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