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How to Hang Things on a Stone Wall

How to Hang Things on Your Home’s Stone Wall

Stone walls are features that greatly elevate the atmosphere of your home, giving it an elegant and classy accent. But, the installation of a stone wall raises a new obstacle: how do you hang things on it? Of course, homeowners prefer not to drill into their stone, which is understandable. However, there are simply some decoration pieces too heavy for command strips or brick clips to get the job done, especially safely. Today we’ll be looking at how to hang things on your home’s stone wall, most notably picture frames.

Why Hanging Things on Stone Walls Require Extra Care

There are a few reasons to do your research before hanging things on stone walls. For one, you likely haven’t worked with them before. Stone is a more unpredictable material and may require the purchasing of specific tools you don’t have on hand. Stone walls are much harder to patch, especially when compared to plaster or drywall. Unlike those materials, you cannot just hammer into the wall and hang a picture. Moreover, make sure you’ve planned your decor carefully — it’ll likely stay in that spot once you drill into the stone!

How to Hang Things on Stone Walls

Hanging things on your stone walls doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are the steps for hanging pictures or decor on your stone wall.

Gather Your Materials

To hang things on your stone walls, you will need some necessary materials. First, you’ll want to grab a pair of safety goggles or glasses. While this protective gear is helpful no matter what type of walls you’re working with, they’re especially important for stone walls. They’ll prevent any dust or debris from getting in your eyes. You’ll also need a drill, masonry bit, and a wall anchor to create the foundation for the hole. For the picture itself, you’ll need a screw, picture hanger, and a screwdriver.

Drill Into the Masonry

The first step is to drill into the masonry, or stone. The exact dimensions of your hole will be specific to your project. If you purchased something online, the user manual or directions typically include instructions on what size to use. If possible, drill into the mortar joints instead of the stone slabs; it’s easier to repair mortar. We also cannot emphasize enough: don’t forget your eyewear!

Insert an Anchor

Once you have a drilled hole, push a metal or plastic anchor into said hole. Your anchor should be the same size as the hole and fit snugly, without twisting or turning. There are a few different types of anchors. Generally speaking, plastic anchors are for things under 20 pounds, and metal ones for anything heavier. If you have to question if it’ll hold, go for a metal anchor.

Drill In a Screw

Lastly, you’ll want to turn a screw into the anchor using a screwdriver if possible. If not, you can use a drill, but it’s more likely you’ll strip it and break the anchor. Not a huge deal, but don’t plan on reusing them if you ever remove them from the wall. Ideally, your screw should be one size smaller than the anchor to ensure a proper fit. For frames, leave the head of the screw sticking out from the wall, which will leave you room to hang the picture. Then slide the mounting hardware, usually a wire on the back of the frame, onto the screw.

Create Your Dream Home With Impression

As you can see, decorating your stone wall and creating a great atmosphere can be just as easy as decorating plaster or drywall walls. If you don’t yet have a stone wall in your home, feel free to get in touch with Impression today! Our company supplies high-quality stone and turns it into custom home features with the help of our incredible stone artisans. Working by hand and with state-of-the-art tools, they transform and carve any slab of stone into home features you’re guaranteed to love for generations.

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