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Should You Get Limestone Countertops?

Installing A Limestone Countertop

It’s obvious when your kitchen needs a little work and the countertops are often the culprit. When your countertops are worn or stained, they can bring the whole room down. In order to freshen things up, get a new countertop. But what material is best for you? Limestone is both popular, beautiful, and has many benefits. Though of course, there are downsides to every material as well. In order to figure out what is best for your home, you need to look at both the pros and cons.

Benefit: Timeless Beauty

Limestone is one of the most beautiful, natural stones you can find anywhere. It’s elegant and gives you neutral, but bold colors that can really help the interior design of your kitchen. It also fits into minimalist styles if you like that aspect better. One thing you can trust about limestone is that it never goes out of style. It’s timeless and has been used on and off throughout history. Installing a limestone counter today won’t be a decision you’ll regret down the road because of its classic appearance.

Downside: Occasional Maintenance

While limestone doesn’t require daily maintenance, any time you have a natural stone countertop, you are going to have to maintain it. You wouldn’t want to put a hot pan down on it, for example, and you want to be extra careful and not to scratch it. You can also seal it every year or two in order to make sure it stays looking nice. If you don’t mind a few maintenance items, limestone still makes a great countertop.

Benefit: Value

Limestone counters simply add value to your home. It’s a popular material and can give your home quite a bit of added value. If you are going to sell your house in the future, look at limestone countertops as an investment. The material is sophisticated and can blend into many different kitchen styles.

Downside: Expense

Limestone is a more expensive countertop material than other options. That is hard for some homeowners to get over, but you have to think about the longevity and value it carries.

Benefit: Durability

The sandy colors of limestone make it very popular. It won’t discolor if the sun hits it and it is not only neutral but also unique. Every piece of limestone is different so your countertop will never be the same as anyone else’s, even if they are similar in color.

Get Countertops From Impression

If you are ready to go with limestone countertops, Impression can help you with all of the details. The countertops in your kitchen can really make or break the room and Impression wants to make sure you get just what you want for the space. Utilizing limestone is a smart decision in many ways and our craftsman will make sure you get the perfect piece coupled with a careful installation so the end result is just what you want.