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Freshen Up The Home With Limestone Decor

Highlight The Home With Limestone Elements

Limestone is a beautiful, elegant, natural stone that can make any home stand out in a unique way. Since no two pieces of limestone are alike, even if you get the same color someone else has, it still won’t be the same. There are a number of places you could put limestone in your home to make it stand out. When you use it as a unique feature, it could even become the focal point of the room. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Living Room Fireplace

The fireplace is a source of heat when there’s a chill in the air, but it can still stand out as something warm and elegant, even when there is no fire lit. If you get a fireplace made from custom-created limestone, you can have whatever you want in that element. You can get limestone tiles and make the feature streamlined and simple, or you can have something carved with ornate features surrounding the fireplace. You get whatever you want, but either way, the limestone material will stand out.

Limestone Shower Walls

There’s nothing better than stepping into a shower after a long day, but limestone walls make the experience all that much nicer. Limestone walls surrounding the shower give the room a more natural and less man-made feel. Since limestone appears in nature, it’s easier to imagine you’re on vacation somewhere exotic instead of in your own home. The elegant colors bring a sense of style into the space that you will want to cover only with glass doors so you can see the walls from the rest of the room.

Columns In The Entryway

Columns are a mark of elegance and when you place some customized columns in your entryway, you will get the look and feel you want for the space. Any entry way can be made more grand with columns places just so. Whether you put the columns outside on the front porch or on either side of the steps on the inside, they will make the space into what you want it to be.

A Kitchen Hood

Your kitchen is filled with a lot of little and large things that have to work together to create a functional space. If you add a kitchen hood made from limestone, it’ll immediately draw the eye so you don’t have to worry about any flaws in the room sticking out. The beautiful limestone kitchen hood takes over the room with its beauty and brings out the natural feel of the space.

Which Limestone Element Is For You?

There are plenty of other ways to use limestone as an elegant element in your home. You could install a limestone fountain in the garden, a full floor to any room, or any number of other things. If you don’t see something on this list that interests you, come up with your own ideas or speak with the representatives at Impression for their professional advice. Anywhere you place limestone will improve the elegance in your space.