Limestone Learning Center

Hand Crafted Stone Wall Made By A Limestone Company

Exterior Limestone

Leave it to Limestone to Beautify Your Home

You’ve got the home you want. Now it’s time to make it the home of your dreams. You’ve got so many options, you can’t just pick one thing to make better than it was when you found it. There is a certain amount of self-love that goes into making your home beautiful. This something for you and your family to enjoy, and the years that the home will be standing will likely extend far beyond your own. Your local limestone company can do wonders for the look of your home. Changing the look can change the feel. Decorating makes your home more cozy, and personal, while choosing stone accents can give your home elegance that you may not have thought about before.


Columns on a home have long been the hallmark of sophistication. Columns look wonderful and beautiful inside of a home, and can give the illusion of a larger room. They are the foundation of a Mediterranean-style home, and make a profound impression on a visitor to your home. Columns are a classic style that has never actually gone out. Your local limestone company can make you limestone columns that will bring a gorgeous new feel to your home, and help you to increase the value of your home. This means that, if you need to leave your home and sell it, you will get more money for this seemingly superficial investment.


Most people think of tiling as something that goes in kitchens, or in bathrooms. While they are certainly not wrong, tile has a variety of uses. Walls can be tiled, giving your room a great new texture. A great place for tile, though, is actually just outside of your exterior door. Limestone is a durable material that maintains its good looks for years without an extensive amount of maintenance. You may not even need to hire anyone to care for your limestone tile floors – it is as simple as blotting the mess on the stone, and using a cleaner made specifically for limestone. You will feel like you have brand-new floors every time.

Pool Deck

Pools are a luxury, but some are a sign of opulence. Above-ground pools have come to be seen as cheap knock offs of the pools that everyone wants, but there are still plenty of people that love their convenience. For those with in-ground pools, there is an important decision to make. What surrounds the pool could potentially impact the value of your home. Choosing limestone is choosing a secure future for the value of your home. Limestone is available in a variety of colors and textures, and will match your life.

Garden Walls

The best of us have great gardens to relax and spend time with friends and family members. Adding limestone walls to your flowerbeds or trees is adding an element that is at once innocent and artsy. Try mismatching stone for a natural look, and you’ll see a perfect rest area after a long day.