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An Eco-Friendly Home With Limestone

Go Natural With Limestone

There are plenty of ways to make your home more natural, green, and eco-friendly. First, you might want to think about using less energy, recycling, and shortening your showers. If you are renovating, it makes sense to use natural materials in order to protect the planet. In that case, limestone is a great example of a natural material. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms under water. Bits and pieces of shells, rocks, and other items collect and harden to create the natural stone. Limestone can easily be used in the everyday spaces of your home. Here are a few places you can incorporate this eco-friendly building material.

Incorporating Limestone Into Your Flooring

If you want to use as much limestone as possible, flooring is the first place to look. Instead of using something synthetic like carpeting, or something in high demand, such as wood, limestone flooring is a great option. Limestone floors have that elegant look and feel, but the stone is also very soft to the touch so it’s comfortable in many areas of the home.

Accent Your Walls

Whether you are inside or outside of your house, placing limestone on the walls is a wonderful, natural idea. Having limestone walls outside can accentuate a garden area or landscape design all while blending in. Inside the home, they can highlight a feature or add elegance without using hazardous materials.

Make Your Countertops Look Timelessly Beautiful

You want the kitchen to be as eco-friendly and clean as possible and limestone countertops can help you with both. The beautiful material will look like a one-of-a-kind addition since no two slabs are identical. Also, they are easier to maintain over the years and hold up well, even under heavy use in the kitchen.

Fireplaces, Fountains, And Kitchen Hoods, Oh My!

There are plenty of places to incorporate limestone accent pieces as well. You could install a limestone fireplace, for example, that will hold up to the heat of a fire while looking elegant for hundreds of years to come. Or you could go with a limestone fountain in the front of your house for curb appeal or in the back garden for relaxation. You could even do something like a limestone kitchen hood to add style to the space without taking away the natural elements in the room. Limestone gives you endless options and if you really want to keep the home as natural as possible, you’ll use more than one place for limestone materials.

Finding A Limestone Company

If you are interested in using the natural limestone materials in one or more areas of your home, contact Impression for details on the options. Impression customizes limestone for any space in your home, whether you want limestone flooring or countertops or something more specialized like columns or door surrounds. We have the craftsmen to take on any job and we can carve and customize the limestone any way you’d like. Limestone is a special material that brings the natural elements into any home and we can provide that for you!