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There’s nothing that truly represents you like the front of your home. It’s what your visitors see first, is representative of you and your family, and the first thing you see when you get home every day. If you’re looking to improve the facade of your home, your entryway should be the place you start. There’s a multitude of options for beautifying this area, all of which Impression does. Adding fountains, columns, stairs, roofing, exterior walls and more can all amplify the impression your home makes. However, nothing quite compares to redoing your door surround! Door surrounds are the epitome of elegance, and the best way to give your home that standout distinction. Historically, door surrounds have been popular for centuries. These time-honored traditions enhance the focal point of your home. For a visually striking natural stone door surround, Impression is here with limestone, marble, and more!

Limestone Door Surrounds 

It goes without saying that Impression absolutely adores limestone door surrounds. They offer versatility unlike any other material. Some door surrounds are simple, classic, and blocky, offering a bold statement door that truly marks the entrance to your home. Conversely, limestone can also be carved into elegant and intricate designs with ease. Arcs, curves, florals, embellishments, and more are always possible with limestone. Limestone comes in an incredible range of colors as well, meaning that it matches any home. Most common are beiges and tans, but limestone can be more grey and white too. Plus, many have subtle color undertones that can be matches to other stone, brick, siding, stucco, and even landscaping!

Marble Door Surrounds 

Marble door surrounds are, in a word, stunning. Typically, marble surrounds go all out, embracing carvings that are out of this world. From a traditional aspect, marble is meant to make a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of your house, and guests will certainly notice. They’re the kind of statement pieces that transform your home from simple to magnificent, making you the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t let this keep you from embracing a simpler marble door surround, though. Marble adds elegance no matter its application, and even a subtler marble surround adds a timeless beauty to your door surround. Regardless of which style you opt for, a marble surround will make you feel like you’re walking through a European chateau or castle every time you come home. 

Door Surround Styles

Both marble and limestone offer the benefit of being malleable enough to fit any style. Victorian door surrounds with steep canopies and pillars are subtle yet eye-catching. Those who enjoy bold and simple designs may prefer a Georgian door surround, with squared edges, straight lines, and an aesthetic that doesn’t overpower the rest of your house. Basic stone door surrounds are anything but, and feature shaped detailing at the top and piping down the sides. More modern homes may benefit from quoin stone surrounds, especially in alternating colors. Naturally beautiful on its own, the true beauty of stone is its versatility. Never feel limited by what you can do, as Impression can always make it happen!

Impression Does Doors

Impression takes incredible pride in crafting homes of people’s dreams. Our limestone and marble is natural, and always imported from France and Italy for authentic culture, beauty, and quality. The artisans of Impression are skilled, with years of experience hand-carving stone pieces. In addition to our state-of-the-art tools, your custom home feature is sure to be exquisite, guaranteed. To get started on your dream project, contact Impression today!
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