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Details On Marble Etching

What Is Marble Etching?

When you shop for marble materials, whether you are looking into countertops or flooring, you may hear the term ‘etching.’ Some suppliers might use the word when they are trying to talk you out of the stone (and maybe into something more expensive), but what does it mean and what kind of effect does it have on the marble you choose? Etching is surface damage in the form of a dull mark that can occur on natural stones. The etching takes place when something acidic comes into contact with the stone, whether it’s flooring, walls, or countertops. There are household items that are known for causing the issue, like cola, lemons, ketchup, and even certain cleaning products. The substances corrode the marble and eat away at the surface layer, which then leaves a dull spot that is lighter in color.

Common Etching Substances

If you go with marble, or even onyx, travertine, Quartz or limestone, etching is something you will want to avoid. These substances can cause the issue to occur: bleach, ammonia, fruit, vinegar, tomato juice, coffee, cola, wine, salad dressings. There are also possibilities in cleaning products so you will want to use only those that are approved for marble surfaces. Some of the substances will etch the stone while others could stain is at the same time. You can use stain removers to get the etch repaired, but don’t worry, most can be repaired.

Etch Repairs

Get an etch remover for your marble materials and they will work like magic on most damage. DIY repairs are something to try before contacting professionals, as long as you are sure you won’t make the issue worse by trying a few things. The biggest thing you can do to get rid of etching is to prevent them from happening in the first place. They are usually only a problem if you leave a substance on the counter or floor for a long period of time. Be sure you wipe any spills up right away and use a mild soap or detergent to get the stone clean, so you are sure the material is freed from the stone. If you keep on top of that maintenance, you shouldn’t have any etching problems in the first place.

Making The Best Marble Decision

Keep in mind that any material you choose is going to have some sort of issue or downside. With marble, it’s etching. However, there are so many advantages to marble, that it’s easy to get past something that may never happen to your countertops or floors. If you like the beauty of the material and you are okay with wiping up spills right away (most people do that anyway, right?) then marble is a great decision for your home. Contact Impression for more details on how to maintain marble and just where you would like the natural stone to fit into your home. The professionals can help you find the right slap and install the piece with ease.

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