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Decorating Your Stone Balcony, Big or Small

Personalizing Your Stone Balcony

When it comes to completing your home balcony, there’s a lot of intricate pieces you may have not considered. With this guide, Impression will help you design and decorate the perfect stone balcony.


First and foremost, consider the property you have. In a lot of instances, your stone patio may overlook common areas like streets, or even your neighbor’s property. This devalues the space for your own use, especially if you prefer having a space that’s more secluded. In order to create privacy, add things like lightweight curtains, plants, or sheer dividers. Find a way to make sure that sunlight and air are still capable of being free-flowing, as to ensure the openness of the space.

Size Considerations

If your outdoor stone patio is on the smaller side, avoid placing things on the floor if possible. Find ways to utilize all wall space instead. For instance, you could hang a hammock instead of placing a bench, or use hanging vinery and shrubs instead of potted plants. This also applies for the privacy aspect; utilize hanging drapes instead of wall-mounted dividers if space is tight. Additionally, you may find it helpful to use furniture that is easily moved, such as floor cushions.

Add Seating

While it feels like a space to truly embody as your own most of the time, having extra furniture and seating for guests will be invaluable when the time comes to host. Your stone patio is beautiful, and should be used to entertain if the opportunity arises! Simple furniture does not have to be lacking in style, and foldable tables and chairs come in dainty woods and fun fabrics. Adding a small side table also allows for holding food, drinks, or even decor.


If your patio gets enough direct sunlight throughout the day, it can be nice to add plants to the space. By incorporating greenery, the space immediately becomes livelier. For those who don’t possess green thumbs, Impression advises succulents. These plants require little to no water, and thrive on being ignored for the most part. Simple and beautiful!

Keeping It Light

When considering your outdoor patio space, make sure to get proper lighting. There are many instances where the space will be ideal at nighttime, and it’s essential to feel comfortable out there. 

Do It With Impression

Does your home lack a stone balcony space, or are you looking to upgrade yours? If it’s time to redo your outdoor space, look no further than with Impression. Our marble, limestone, and reclaimed terracotta make the perfect addition to any home, and the Impression team has expertise in designing spaces you’re sure to love for generations.

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