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Decisions to Make for Designing Your New Stone Fireplace

Fireplace Designs to Keep in Mind

Choosing a fireplace can feel like a huge decision. There’s a lot of aspects to consider, and it’s important to think about the lasting impression your fireplace will leave. They’re one piece of the home where functionality truly meets fashion, and they’re perfect for a number of activities. Fireplaces quickly become the backdrop of many photos, the center of holiday celebrations, and a space for entertaining no matter the season.

Natural Versus Manufactured

One thing to contemplate is whether or not you want natural or manufactured stone, also called synthetic rocks. There is a substantial price difference between the two, due to the mining process that accompanies real rocks. Artificial rock present the same aesthetic without the high price tag. Additionally, manufactured minerals have the benefit of being customizable, coming in a larger variety of colors and designs.

Cut and Shape

Our artisans specialize in traditional French hand-carving techniques, turning any natural slab into a beautiful, culturally-rich fireplace. From simple and basic designs to something never-seen-before, Impression can cut and shape any fireplace to your liking. Peruse home magazines and online images for inspiration, picking your favorite design or even conjuring up your own.

Choosing Color

While many stones are similar in appearance, it’s important to take a step back and examine the more subtle qualities. Each type of rock has different subtleties and undertones that affect the mood of the room. They may even change in appearance based on lighting! 

Design Features

Impression specializes in hand carvings that set your fireplace apart from the rest. Creating a remarkable, unique look is easy with us. In the past, we’ve done traditional trims as well as hand-carving family crescents, favorite patterns, favorite animals, and more. These hand-crafted designs can span the hearth trim, pilasters, corbels, apron, mantel, and overmantel.


Mantels are area above the fireplace’s apron that typically stick out to some extent. In many cases, mantels are used for function or decoration. This space can be designed to hold devices like televisions or artwork, like paintings and picture frames. Before choosing a fireplace design, assess all the functional aspects you’ll need it to perform. Additionally, mantels come in every variety, from simple, flat pieces to intricately-carved designs.

Hearth Options

Hearths are the bottom portion of the fireplace. They may also be referred to as heart extensions depending on how far out they extend from the base of the fireplace unit. In many cases, your fireplace can be designed to be raised off the floor so that the hearth can be used for extra seating during gatherings or holidays. Even if kept floor-level, decisions must be made about the composition of the hearth. Again, natural versus synthetic stone should be reviewed. Additionally, you’ll need to decide between slabs that make up the entirety of the hearth or broken up pieces that are connected by mortar. Both are beautiful, and it’s entirely up to your preferred style!

Impression is Ready to Help

Our team is trained to have the perfect eye for picking any home stone features! With over 30 years of experience, we’re pros when it comes to producing high-quality work and knowing exactly how a custom home feature should be made. Why wait? Contact us today!

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