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Custom Limestone Features You Should Have In Your Home

Creating A Uniquely Elegant Home With Limestone

Your home is your oasis. You can decorate it however you like because ultimately, you want your house to represent you. There are a number of things you can get in any store. But you want your home to look unique and elegant, instead of average and normal. Limestone is a beautiful material that can be utilized in a number of different areas of the home. Since it is long-lasting and durable, it makes a fantastic material in any area. Its variety and aesthetics give the room natural charm. If you are looking for custom home features to elevate your home to a new level, here are a few of the best to consider:

Fireplaces Made From Limestone

The fireplace is often the focus of the living room and it brings warmth and comfort to the room, even when it isn’t lit. A limestone fireplace is made from quality materials that give the space extra elegance and aesthetics. You can customize the fireplace to fit your décor and tastes, whether they are simple or elaborate.

Walls Covered With Limestone

If you are remodeling outside and adding landscaping, limestone walls are a great addition that gives any landscape extra depth and a customized touch. The natural stone gives the scenery a boost without standing out as something that doesn’t look right in the outdoor area.

Fountains Made From Limestone

There’s nothing more elegant than a lovely fountain either in the garden or even in your front hall. There are so many different custom designs and you can enjoy the soothing, peaceful sound of water falling whenever you’d like. The noise is not only relaxing but can also drown out unwanted noises around you.

Floors Covered With Limestone

Limestone times are clean and sophisticated and can give any floor in your home a soft, elegant appeal. The natural stone is easy to maintain and is resistant to water and bacteria. Because of these features, limestone works around a pool or in the bathroom.

Countertops Made From Limestone

The kitchen is a wonderful room to incorporate limestone and the countertops are often the go-to choice. Countertops look more earthy and charming with this natural stone material and give your space the look and feel you want.

Kitchen Hoods Made From Limestone

Kitchen hoods can finish off the kitchen when a dramatic appeal. They are often the focal point of the room since they stand out and when you have a limestone hood, they can give an added aesthetic. The customized design can be plain or have hand carvings.

Get Customized Limestone

Whatever type of element you decide upon, contact Impression for specific details on your customized limestone project. Every piece of limestone is unique. Our professionals take pride in craftsmanship and work with limestone on a daily basis. We know just how to work with the natural stone to get the outcome you want to be proudly displayed in your home.