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Cozying Up Your Stone

Stoic, but Welcoming

Getting your home redone with stone accents and features is exciting, and results in a stunning home filled with beautiful, custom features. When you’ve just redone your home with stone for the first time though, it can be tough to find the right way to decorate around it. Stone is inherently cold and stoic, but can easily be warmed up into a cozy, elegant fashion statement. 

Wooden Accents

The best way to soften stone is to add wood. Something about adding extra “nature” elements to stone livens up the features, incorporating the stone into the aesthetic as opposed to having it simply exist. Choose warm tones, like elm, beech, cherry, oak, birch, and poplar wood.

Faux Furs

In a similar vein to wooden accents, faux animal furs bring an outdoorsy element to stone. Not only do they metaphorically warm up a space, but using them as a rug or throw blanket also literally warms up a room. Faux furs also incorporate a texture opposite of stone, adding something more airy and soft. While white is most common, faux fur rugs often come in light beiges, pinks, and browns too, making them the perfect addition to any color scheme.

Textured Items

Because stone is, generally speaking, very uniform, adding extra texture to a stone room is essential. Texture adds depth, color, and pattern variety, which all aid in breaking up any monotony in your stone. Incorporating texture comes in a variety of forms. The easiest is throw pillows, which tend to come in woven patterns, with tassels, and non-uniform designs. Statement pieces can also incorporate texture. Find pieces like side tables, candlesticks, lamps, decorative baskets, light fixtures, and mirrors that have obscure shapes or designs for a gorgeous combination.

Warm Tones

Stone comes in a variety of colors, which is what makes it such a popular choice. If your stone accents are feeling cold, no matter which color you’ve chosen, the best solution is warm tones. This can be taken in any direction – warm and rustic, warm earth tones, and even warmer bright colors. Anything in the color family of red, orange, yellow, and pink is sure to bring out color undertones in your stone.

Live Plants

The best way to make a space feel more lively is to add, well, life! Succulents are a popular choice among people who don’t seem to have green thumbs. For the more plant-oriented, wide leaf plants like the Monstera deliciosa (“Swiss cheese plant”) or rubber tree plants add extra warmth. Make sure to plant them in warm-toned terracotta pots or paint the planter to add texture and color!

Go Metallic

While a lot of stone comes in shiny, brilliant forms – like quartz, for example – not all do. Certain interior stone features have a more “unfinished,” natural look. To offset this colder vibe, add metallics to your space. Gold, silver, bronze, and any variants of those bring out coziness the same way warm color tones do. They balance the porous, dark nature of rock, adding something for light to bounce off of. Feel free to stick to one metallic color, or mix and match them throughout the room!

Get Personal

The roadblock many face when decorating around stone is the feeling of impersonality. To combat this, embrace the homeyness and let your space feel lived in! Don’t fold your throw blanket, keep your slippers around, and decorate with pieces that are uniquely “you.” 

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