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Countries That Supply High-Quality Limestone

One of the oldest materials in the world, limestone is also still widely available to homeowners and craftsmen in a variety of locations. Where people choose to get their limestone can most often be a matter of preference, especially for those who use it for hand crafting various home features. It’s been some time since massive structures have been built using only limestone, but its abundance led to its frequent use in the past.

Countries Around The World That Have Limestone

Most people don’t realize that limestone is actually found in a number of countries, and not just the most commonly assumed ones. Because of its availability, a number of structures are built in part with limestone.

The United States of America

Locally sourced limestone is actually one of the reasons why so many homes use it today. Most people don’t think about America as a place that supplies limestone, but it has actually been used for projects like the Empire State Building, The Pentagon, and The Lincoln Memorial. None of those are made entirely from limestone, but due to its durability, it was used to create solid foundations that still last to this day.


In Europe, France actually provide a diverse collection of limestone, and it’s a sought after export that many craftsmen and artisans in the US choose to work with for their projects. Handcrafted limestone features like door surrounds and columns have a distinct look because of French limestone, and that’s why it’s so popular in the US.

The United Kingdom

The UK is a major producer of various stone material. Scotland, Wales, and England all have unique types of limestone and marble that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s no surprise that one of the most significant historical nations in the world is also still contributing building material to other countries.


Saving one of the oldest (and probably most obvious) for last, Egypt is home to not only some of the largest limestone quarries in the world, but also one of the most recognizable limestone structures that may ever exist. The stone quarries of ancient Egypt are what supplied materials for the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of The World. A true testament to the durability (and versatility) of limestone, the Great Pyramid has been standing for over two millennia, and will likely stand much longer than any of us can anticipate. Exposed to the harsh temperatures and sandstorms of the Egyptian desert, the Great Pyramid still has its structural integrity. This is part of the reason why homeowners are convinced that limestone is so durable for an interior home feature, since they know it can stand up to some of the world’s most grating conditions.

Limestone Is a Stable of Construction History

There are a number of lessons we can learn from the history of the world, and some less obvious but just as important ones. Limestone has proven to be one of the most dependable building materials available and homeowners who have it installed can feel confident knowing that their investment in it will be worthwhile. Always reach out to a trusted limestone company to discuss options for your home.

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