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The Cost Considerations For Marble Countertops

What Goes Into Marble Countertop Costs?

While you might know that marble countertops cost more than some materials and less than others, what you’re really focusing on is the sophisticated elegance they will bring to your home. Marble countertops are durable enough to last for a lifetime, but you want to get the most out of your investment. That means diving into the price differences under the marble countertop umbrella. There are customization options and choices you’ll make during the process that can raise or lower the basic price of marble countertops. Here are a few of things that go into the bottom line of having marble countertops installed.

The Type Of Marble

The type of marble you choose for your countertops is going to be one of the key factors in the cost of the project. Marble from Carrara, Italy is one of the most popular types of marble. Since it’s so widely available, it is cost effective for homeowners on a budget. There are other varieties that are more rare, like Calacatta marble, which has a bright white color with gray veins in the background. It is more expensive because it is more on the rare side, yet still highly desirable. Since marble slabs and types vary quite a bit, most homeowners can find something to suit their preferences and their budget.

The Marble’s Design

Once you choose the type of marble you want, you have to then think about your design. Do you want to show off the marble more with a waterfall edge or with a backsplash behind the counters? Having a waterfall or ogee edge on your countertops will add to the cost of the marble installation and fabrication, but many people feel that aspect is worth the extra cost to provide a greater visual impact and more home value.

Marble Thickness

There are three common thicknesses in marble: 2, 3, and 5cm. The price increases with the amount of thickness that occurs. 5cm gives your countertops a rich, substantial look, but 3cm is the most commonly chosen amount for countertops in homes.

The Finish On The Marble

The finish you have placed on your countertops will have an impact on the overall cost as well. A polished finish is one of the most common and gives the countertops a shine while the honed finish can show off the natural beauty of the veins without too much shine. Leather and brushed finishes are less popular, but also harder to achieve so they cost more.

Installation Prices

Installation is a key part of the countertop price. The layout of your kitchen and how hard the labor will be makes a difference. While installation can be a large cost, having a professional job with people who know just how to do it is important to how much you like the results.

Marble Countertop Prices For Budgets

Any home improvement project is going to have a budget involved. Most homeowners can find a way to finance marble countertops since there are options and ways to cut corners or add customizations. Contact Impression for more details on the cost variations.

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