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Cool Limestone Facts

What You Never Knew About Limestone

Limestone is a material that has been around for thousands of years. People have been using it in buildings and a number of other ways for as far back as you can look. There are limestone pyramids and buildings, such as the Coliseum, in other countries. Even America has limestone monuments and buildings all over the place. Limestone is highly useful and whether you know it or not, you use it yourself. If you are thinking about adding limestone elements to your home, here are some facts you should know:

Limestone Is Highly Versatile

Did you know that we are in constant use and exposure of limestone on a daily basis? Limestone dust is in paper as well pencil lead. You can find it in certain cleaners to give the cleaner an abrasive nature and in ceramics as well. Whether you know it’s there or not, limestone is in so many areas of your life that there’s no way you could go a day without using it.

Livestock And The Benefits Of Limestone

Limestone is a natural material and you might think nothing more of it than just being a beautiful rock. But limestone is over 50% calcium carbonate and that mineral can help contribute to livestock growth. Chickens get limestone in their feed to enrich their diet. Cows get supplements with that element in it so they are healthy and produce more milk. Livestock can increase their performances when they take limestone through their food or supplements.

Limestone Helps Heartburn

There are many ways in which limestone can help people, too. If you take medication after a big meal to prevent or stop heartburn, you have an active ingredient in that medication called calcium carbonate and is essentially an ingredient mined from limestone.

Limestone Is Part Animal

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and it is made of a variety of things. When it is forming underwater, it collects and fuses together bits and pieces of stones, dead animals, and other items. Once it hardens, it is officially limestone. Some limestones are just composed of shells (coquina), while others limestone is shiny and black (crinoidal). Many different limestones are composed, in one way or another, of debris and animal in them, whether you know it or not.

Incorporate Limestone More

You use limestone in your daily life and now you know even more about it. These facts might make you even more interested in the natural material. There are certainly plenty of places you could put it in your home. If you really like the look and feel of the natural stone, consider flooring or countertops made from limestone. If you want a few highlights, think about things like outdoor pathways, a fountain, a fireplace surround, or other smaller items. Limestone is highly versatile and will look elegant and beautiful no matter where you place it. Impression is the limestone company that can help you with your limestone goals, no matter how big or small.