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How to Clean Your Stone Water Fountain

Clean and Maintain Your Natural Stone Water Fountain

Adding a stone water fountain to your home is an easy way to incorporate elegance and elevated beauty. Beyond their stunning appearance, stone water fountains are known for their durability and longevity, characteristics that make them a wonderful investment for your home or property. Our stone water fountains come in limestone and marble variants. Both have European origins, and limestone fountains were distinct in French towns and cities during the Renaissance. Of course, with a beautiful fountain comes the need for care and upkeep. Take a look at how to clean your natural stone fountain!

Steps to Cleaning Your Stone Water Fountain

Cleaning your stone water fountain doesn’t have to be difficult or tedious! Follow the simple steps below to get started on polishing up your fountain.

Prepare the Fountain

Start by turning off your fountain. If there are stones or decorations of any sort inside of the fountain, remove them and give them a good cleaning.

Clean Your Pump

Obtain access to the fountain’s pump and water. Remove the pump from the fountain, as it will need to be cleaned as well. To clean your pump, place it in a sink. Remove the back of the pump – most fountain pumps have at least one removable side where the propeller to the pump lies. Using a cleaning brush capable of fitting into the nooks and crannies of the pump, scrub the insides of any debris. Run forceful water through it to remove any remaining debris. You can then put the cover back on and place the pump back in the fountain. It can be helpful to also clean the tubing associated with the pump, but its small size makes it harder to do. If you can’t clean the inside, try running water through it just to remove any surface-level debris and buildup.

Clean the Fountain

To clean a fountain, you’ll need a bucket of warm water, a soft sponge or towel, and a non-abrasive soap particular to your fountain’s stone. Be sure to find a soap specific to outdoor fountains made for your particular stone material. It should be non-acidic, as low pHs can irreparably damage your stone. Gently scrub until any build up, like algae or white scale buildup, until gone. Rinse it with minimal water to remove any remaining soap residue, and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

About Our Limestone and Marble Fountains

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