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How to Clean a Natural Stone Shower

How to Clean a Natural Stone Shower

Natural stone showers are an absolutely stunning home feature, and add a little bit of elegance to those everyday routines. However, it can be tough to keep natural stone showers clean! Those with natural stone showers specifically seek to keep the soap scum under control because a lack of cleaning can leave stone looking cloudy and discolored. It may seem like a good idea to reach for your normal go-to cleaners when buildup occurs, like vinegar or bleach, but these materials can be extremely detrimental to your stone. See how to properly clean your natural stone shower using stone-specific tools and cleaning agents by reading on!

Choosing the Right Natural Stone Cleaner

The most important step in cleaning your natural stone shower is picking out the right cleaning agent. The best cleaners are those that tackle grime and buildup without damaging the surface of the stone. Stone is naturally porous, meaning that whatever cleaner you use on it will seep into the material. Overtime, this can erode the stone if an acidic cleaning agent is used. Instead, your natural stone cleaner should be a pH-neutral product. There are options both store-bought and homemade, and which you choose is totally up to preference. When making a selection, keep in mind that some cleaning agents are specific to just marble or just limestone. You’ll want one that matches your particular stone and finish!

Perform Regular Maintenance

In order to keep natural stone in tip-top shape, opt to clean it once a week using your cleaning product of choice. In addition to regular cleaning, making an effort to remove excess water following a shower can help preserve stone as well. During and/or following shower, turn on a bathroom fan, open a bathroom window, and wipe down interior shower walls using a squeegee or microfiber cloth. Of course, natural stone should be continuously sealed every couple of years. Sealant protects the surface of your stone from water, oil, and other liquids. While it doesn’t make stone impervious to stains or damage, it does offer the water resistance necessary to make maintenance easier.

How to Clean Your Natural Stone Shower

Gather the necessary materials for cleaning your shower. This usually includes a stone-specific cleaner, bucket or spray bottle for holding cleaning solution, soft bristle brush, microfiber clothes, and any finishing products like polish. Use your stone-specific cleaning agent as directed on the container, generously coating all sections of the shower floor and walls. Gently scrub soap scum, hard water stains, and other miscellaneous grime from the shower walls and floor using a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth. When cleaning, never use any abrasive tools nor those with hard bristles; the roughness will leave microscopic scratches on the surface of your stone, damaging it and reducing its longevity.

Once clean, spray or wipe down the surfaces using clean water. Dry the shower thoroughly, using either just microfiber cloths or a rubber squeegee and then a microfiber cloth. Lastly, you can apply any additional polishes or sprays specific to your stone. One popular at-home polish recipe combines approximately four cups of water with about a quarter cup of baking soda. Mix the two together in a bowl and then use a separate, clean cloth to apply it to your natural stone shower’s surface. Allow it to dry for 4–5 hours, and then wash off using warm water and a microfiber cloth. Just remember to dry the shower again afterward!

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