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Classic Marble Fountain Designs

Designing Your Classic Marble Fountain

Marble is a beautiful, natural stone that is one of a kind in every way. No two marble pieces are alike and that’s even more true when you take a piece of marble and transform it into a unique fountain. If you are considering a marble fountain, chances are you want something a s simple and classic style. Marble has a way of looking historic, fresh, and new all at the same time. There are many classic designs you can consider for your fountain. Here are a few to put on the possibility list:

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains give you the calm effect of flowing water, but they work well in small spaces. These fountains make a huge statement and can be installed inside or out. They can be simple and straightforward, or they can have ornate carvings or even statutes included on them. They vary in sizes and the color of marbling you choose makes a big difference as well.

Statuary Fountains

There’s nothing more classic or elegant than fountains that feature figurines. You might choose angels, animals, children, mermaids, or something else. The details that are captured in these statues makes them look even more like a piece of art. The best part is, you can have a marble fountain custom designed and carved to suit your needs and ideas.

Tiered Fountains

The classic tiered fountain is distinctive and built so generations to come can enjoy its elegance. You’ll add beauty and detail wherever you place a fountain of this nature. You can make it simple with just one or two tiers or you can add quite a few. These fountains work great in the midst of a beautiful garden or landscape area.

Urn And Sphere Fountains

These fountains look more like a bowl and the water bubbles up the center and down the sides. The relaxing sound of running water is almost mesmerizing and most definitely alluring. The fountains can come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to put your personal touch on every aspect.

Deciding What You Want

Before you get too far down the design process road, you will want to look into different marble colors. Perhaps you want something natural that will blend in with the rest of your colors or maybe you want something darker that will contrast the colors around it. The color you choose will make a big difference in the final product. You will also have to decide on a basic design and any enhancements you want to include in that design. If you go with statuary, for example, what kind of statue do you want? If you want tiered, how many tiers? The marble fountain will be unique based on your preferences.

Getting Help Designing Marble Fountains

Since you don’t likely design marble fountains regularly, it’s good to have help from professionals who work with the material on a regular basis. Contact Impression and learn more about their high craftsmanship and get ideas for your project from experts.