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Choosing Your Home’s Columns

Make Your Home an Architectural Masterpiece with Columns

Columns have been around for centuries, and their unmatched beauty is what has kept them at the forefront of our homes since. Their dual-purpose includes style and functionality, providing support to overhangs, roofs, porches, and more. Even in homes where the structure isn’t necessary, columns are a stunning way to make your home an architectural masterpiece.

Types of Columns

There are many types of columns. Learn about them below!


Composite columns are a mixture of Ionic and Corinthian style columns, the definitions of which can be found below.


Corinthian columns are slender and thin. They are fluted, and tend to have complicated carvings and engravings.


Doric columns are shorter, heavy pillars. They tend to be rounded and thicker than most other columns.


Ionic columns are reminiscent of ancient civilization’s long-standing ruins, with slender pillars, large bases, and scrolled capital ends.


Tuscan columns are a more classic, simple aesthetic. Unlike the others, tuscan columns are not fluted. They are flat and smooth, giving a modern vibe.

Column Styles

Columns are easily customizable, and their wide variety of options is what makes them so popular. For one, you can get square or round columns. While square and round are often associated with specific style homes, whichever fits your personal style is the way to go. Next, you can have your columns be fluted. Fluting is the carvings that run up and down the length of the column, creating rounded grooves and texture. Traditionally, fluted columns were strictly classic, but they’ve recently made a comeback as statement pieces on an otherwise-modern house! Lastly, you’ll have to decide if your columns are for structure or for decoration. Typically, the architecture of your house and where you intend to place columns decides this for you. Keep in mind that the purpose of a column may limit the materials or designs you can use.

Column Material Options

Once made solely of stone, columns today come in many materials. Picking one comes down to aesthetics and the role your columns will serve.


Fiberglass columns are known for their durability. They’re extra stiff and strong, all without adding bulkiness. Additionally, they’re good for protecting against the growth of fires if one were to ever occur in your home.


Metal, and more specifically aluminum, is the perfect balance between strong and lightweight. It requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to install.


PVC is one of the most popular options, being both budget-friendly and long-lasting. Not only are they moisture, pest, and rot resistant, but they come in a range of custom designs to fit any home.


Stone columns are Impression’s favorite, but that’s no surprise! Stone columns are great for load bearing, and always add a natural beauty to a house. 


Wood columns add a timeless feeling to any home. They’re typically composed of pine or poplar, and then stained to the desired color. Unlike other columns, wood columns do require some extra sealing and upkeep, which is something to keep in mind.

Impression’s Columns

As you can see, columns can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home. Our skilled craftsmen can help you transform your home by creating the beautiful columns you have in mind. Contact Impression today!

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