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Choosing the Right Stone Sink

The Versatility of Sinks

Embarking on the journey that is choosing a new sink can be grossly overwhelming. It’s hard to imagine there are so many types of sinks, but the truth is, they exist in every variety imaginable! Picking the perfect sink comes down to your household, and finding one that combines form and function. Join Impression as we analyze some popular sink options, talk over some design decisions to be made when choosing a sink, and why we prefer stone sinks!

Why Go Stone?

What’s the most-used appliance in your kitchen? Your bathroom? Whether noticed or not, sinks are one of the hardest-working appliances in your home. Every bathroom stop, every morning routine, and every meal requires the use of a sink – often more than once! Choosing a sink means prioritizing durability, because there is nothing worse than a broken sink. Stone sinks offer endless durability, being hard to chip and made of non-conducting materials. They’re a single slab, meaning there’s no stray cracks or seams that could collect dirt or debris. Best of all, stone can be shaped into any design, so a unique dream sink is totally possible!

Benefits of Limestone Sinks

Limestone is inherently resistant to wear and tear, sturdy, and meant to last in the long-term. Not only do limestone sinks bring natural elegance, but their maintenance is low. These sinks do need occasional re-sealing, but no more than wiping it down from time to time is necessary beyond that. Read more about our limestone sinks here.

Benefits of Marble Sinks

Marble has been used since ancient Greece and Rome, and is inherently dense, durable, and long lasting. Because sinks work as the focal point of the room, marble’s liquid appearance and striking coloring makes it one of the best materials. These sinks do need to be sealed periodically, but they’re inherently antibacterial. Learn more about the advantages of marble sinks here.

Shapes and Styles

Sinks come in every shape and style, and finding the perfect sink for you is simply a matter of doing extensive searching! Shape and style are important, and how they influence daily maintenance and durability even more so.

Mounting Position

Undermounted sinks are sinks that are assembled under the counter. When looking at them, there’s a seamless transition from countertop to sink basin, with no lip. Top-mounted sinks are sinks where a visible lip is present around the entire perimeter. Within the category of top-mounted sinks are drop-in sinks. 

Going Farmhouse

Recent in the realm of interior design are farmhouse sinks. These sinks have similar qualities to drop-in sinks, with large, deep bowls. Different from both undermounted and top-mounted sinks, the basin of a farmhouse sink is visible. It sits flush with the counter, or slightly protrudes a few inches. 

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a popular option for those wanting a stone sink. Vessel sinks sit entirely atop a counter, with a basin that is totally visible. Often, they are bowl-shaped, though more modern styles have adopted rectangle, circle, kidney bean, and obscure shapes. While vessel sinks tend to reduce counter space, they are a great way to show off the aesthetics of your stone sink – the reason you got one in the first place!

Choose Impression’s Stone Sinks

Impression is proud to design and create custom limestone and marble sinks. Our individually-crafted sinks are made of natural stone imported from France and Italy. Through state of the art tools, expert hand carving, and an authentic look and feel, you’re sure to love your stone sink for years to come. Contact Impression today with your design dream, and we’ll do the rest!

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