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Choosing Marble Tile Finishes

Getting The Right Finish On Marble Tiles

Many people decide to go with marble tiles for flooring, walls, and other areas of the home because it brings luxury, elegance, and beauty into the space. However, there are more decisions to make after the size of the tiles, the color, the veining, and other style issues. Homeowners also have to think about the finish on the marble tiles. Any finish will require sealing to protect the marble and there are three finishes that are popular today and each has its advantages.

Polished Finish

If you want your marble to be smooth and glossy, the polished finish is a good choice. This is the most popular finish since it gives the marble tiles a shine that makes the high-end style come alive in the room. This finish leaves a great first impression and can really look nice against any other styles. Marble that has been polished, however, isn’t always a great fit for flooring in certain areas since it can be slippery. You might not want the polished marble tile finish on bathroom floors, for example, since they can get wet and be slippery already. Polished marble doesn’t need to be re-sealed as often as other finishes, but you’ll still want to wipe up spills to avoid scratches.

Honed Finish

The honed marble tile finish is a more matte look, which also can be described as velvety. The color in the marble is more muted and less formal. The finish is still smooth, but the process of getting there doesn’t use abrasives in the same application. Honed finishes work well on marble tiles in high traffic areas since they won’t scratch as easily as the polished marble would. Honed tiles are also less slippery; however, they can stain more easily so watch the sealant and make sure it’s re-applied at a regular interval.

Tumbled Finish

The tumbled finish gives the natural stone a rustic, worn look. The color is even more muted and the edges are worn and softened. This finish is created by tumbling the tile with rocks, sand, and water to wear it down a bit. The uneven edges make the stone stand out with imperfections and texture to add depth to the marble tiles. This aged appearance fits in well with antique homes or those who want a rustic look. The tumbled finish is also good for high traffic areas and even bathrooms since it isn’t nearly as slippery.

Which Marble Tile Finish Suits You?

You will want to think about where you are placing the marble tiles in your home and what finish would suit you the best. You might want polished marble tiles around a fireplace or on a countertop, but a tumbled marble in the bathroom. The honed look works well in the entryway and living room. There are endless options and combinations and your preferences and the functions of the marble tiles will help you decide. You can also consult with the experts at Impression for guidance on marble tile finishes.

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