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Choosing Marble Fountains By Sound

Marble Fountains Make Different Sounds

You may have a number of reasons for wanting to install a marble fountain in your garden, your entryway, or another location in or around your house. When you think about the fountain, are you most excited about the appealing look or the sound it will bring to the area around it? You probably look forward to both, but the sound is definitely something that you should not overlook. The sound of water is soothing, and it will sound different depending on the type of fountain you get. Pay attention to the sounds as you look over the options so you can get something that not only looks great, but also sounds just right.

What Determines The Sound?

There are many things that have to come together to determine the overall sound on marble fountains. How far the water drops is one big determining factor as well as how fast it runs through the fountain. The amount of water that comes out at once will have an impact as well. If you have a certain sound in mind, you can look for features and qualities to match that sound. If you aren’t sure, take a look at these features and determine which sounds suit your ears the best.

Loud Fountains

Loud fountains are generally those that have longer drops for the water—and more water that drops, at that. The water can be divided up, but it will fall into the same location all at once. There are also fountains that offer larger, waterfall-like drops that give off a much louder sound than other options. If you want a loud fountain, look for marble fountains that drop a lot of water at once into one pool, whether the water comes from one location or many. The faster the water falls, the louder it gets as well.

Echoing Fountains

These fountains have a lot less noise to them, but they are still very elegant and tasteful. With these fountains, you don’t get as much of a sound, but more of an echo as the water falls and cascades into a bowl. The water won’t splash out and is much gentler. Think of the sound more like a trickling than a pouring. These fountains have smaller drops or less water that runs over the drops at a time. The water might spill from one bowl to another, for example, instead of being forced up and over a feature in the fountain.

Getting Marble Fountains For Sound

Marble fountains are definitely beautiful and there are a lot of qualities in them that should be determined for aesthetics. However, the sound of the fountain is important to your overall happiness with the piece. To judge the sound along with the features, it’s important to work with experts who know both areas well. Working with marble is easy when you’re an expert with the material and the craftsman at Impression are just that. Ask questions about marble features, sounds, and anything else and they’ll have the answers you need.