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Choosing The Ideal Marble Slab

Choosing Between Various Marble Slabs

When you are looking into getting marble flooring, countertops, walls, or something else, you know that each marble slab is unique. You will choose a general color of marble for your project, but you also have the opportunity to pick the exact marble slab that will be utilized. Picking color is hard enough, but since no two marble slabs are identical, you can get something quite unique if you choose your own option. It can even be fun, though possible overwhelming. Use these tips to pick the perfect marble slab for your project.

Tip 1: Know Your Preferences

The first thing you will want to do is look at various patterns and types of marble. What stands out to you? Keep an open mind as you look at marble slabs, but also know what you like overall. Do you like heavy veins or something more light? Do you want a slab that is consistent throughout or one that has differences? Knowing what you like will help you get through the process with more confidence.

Tip 2: Watch For Cracks

If you see a marble slab that has a crack in it, it’s possible is has been mishandled or even dropped. Fissures, however, are different. Natural cracks don’t change the marble surface and can be worked around. You can slide your finger across a fissure without catching it, but a crack that happens from a drop will be more rough. Fissures can work for some situations if you want a rustic look in your marble since they are part of the stone’s character.

Tip 3: Learn The Origin

Marble can come from many different areas of the world and it’s very interesting to know where you marble originated. Ask where the marble came from so you can talk to guests about it when they comment on your marble flooring, countertops, or other features. It’s a historic piece of information. Plus, marble from certain regions can look different so it’s good to learn which region you prefer.

Tip 4: Go With Your Gut

When you see an outfit you love, sometimes, you just love it for no particular reason. Use your gut to choose the right marble slab. Look the slabs over and if one jumps out at you for a certain reason, or just because, go with it and there’s no reason to doubt that it’s the right piece. Finding marble slabs beautiful is easy, but finding one overwhelming in its beauty means that’s the marble slab for you.

Getting Marble Slab Options

If you’re ready to move forward with countertops, flooring, walls, a fireplace, a fountain, or other marble elements in your home, get started on the process with Impression. You are invited to visit us and see the marble slabs we have available, whether you’re ready to start your project right away or not. The marble slab, once chosen, can become a beautiful, seamless part of your home that is sure to add elegance right away.

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