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Choosing and Decorating a New Accent Wall For Your Home

Getting Excited About Accent Walls

When it comes to making a statement, an accent wall is the easiest way. Turning one wall of a room into an art piece removes the pressure of committing to a theme and renovating a whole room, but still brings style, character, and color. If you’re looking to spice up a wall in your home, check out these common stylistic choices:

Stone – Of Course!

Impression is known for our multitude of artistic stone options, all expertly installed and custom designed. When it comes to making a wow-worthy wall, consider adding stone features. Exposed stone is both trendy and classic. It can be adapted to any style home, bringing a rustic feel to warm tones and an upscale modern vibe to neutral or bold colors.

Location, Location, Location

Picking the perfect spot for an accent wall can be challenging. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the wall that you see when you first walk into the room. It’s wherever a natural focal point exists. Some would argue that wall features, like windows, draw the eye toward the wall, making them a focal point. Others believe that it’s dependent on having a blank wall. Some say it’s the smallest or shortest wall in oblong rooms. Ultimately, where you put it is where you think it’ll fit best in order to draw attention without being distracting.

Bold and Patterned

When designing an accent wall, picking a bright color for either the whole wall or a portion of it can be perfect. Additionally, colors could be combined with patterns. Common are chevron, hexagons, sporadically placed triangles, and other geometric-centric patterns.

Furniture to Match

After you’ve picked colors and patterns, consider adding statement pieces or abstract furniture that stands out from the rest of the room. The goal of a statement wall isn’t just artistic, but it should be livable. Keep everything usable and functional so you can embrace your space.


The key to the perfect accent wall is to embrace the scheme already present in the room. See which pieces in your room already stand out. It may be a certain color, or possibly a standout fabric type. Take something pre-existing and up the ante by getting decor that uses saturated versions of that color.

Add Artwork

Adding artwork is an obvious way to bump your room to the next level. While obvious, consider searching for more unique pieces that truly fit your color scheme. Go small and search among local artists or on Etsy for one-of-a-kind pieces

Get Lighting

Lighting has the opportunity to be just as powerful as any art piece. Any home improvement or home goods store offers more stand-out pieces that also offer brightness to a room. Consider the uses for which you’ll need the lighting, and how often it’ll be on throughout the day. For instance, wider lighting structures are necessary if your accent wall is without natural lighting, but for walls with windows, more dainty pieces could be used. Ultimately, lighting controls the drama of any accent wall.

Keep It Green

Potted plants and indoor greenery offer the perfect way for your wall to stand out. If you’re really looking to increase the fun, try a hanging nursery, which allows for multiple types of functional plants (like herbs) to be grown. Especially among stone accent walls, plants are a beautiful addition.

Enjoy the Process

Ultimately, picking and adding an accent wall should be fun. Should you decide you dislike the color scheme, only a small portion of the room has been changed. They can easily be swapped out for other themes and aesthetics with just a coat of paint. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like it’s come together exactly as you imagined; sometimes, those are the best accent walls.

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