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Choose A Marble Company That Knows Stone

A Marble Company Can Aid With Stone Care

If you are considering installing marble into your home in any location, you will want to know how to care for it. If you’ve never had marble before, it’s wise to get advice from a marble company that works with the material all the time. Marble comes from all around the world, but every slab is unique. Though you will have something in your home that no one else has, the care is similar for each slab of marble. If you understand your marble surface and the properties it carried, you can care for it and keep its beauty in your home for a long time.

Understand Classification And Composition

The first thing the marble company will want you to understand is a bit of geology so you know which cleaning products and methods are best for your new marble fireplace surround, flooring, countertop, or other item. Natural stones have three different categories they are placed within, depending on how they form:


This type of stone has many layers that are compressed together over a great length of time. They include rocks like limestone, sandstone, and shale.


This type of stone is made with magma gets solid and includes rocks like granite, pumice, and basalt.


These rocks are created with sedimentary of igneous rocks are changed by heat, pressure, and chemicals in the reactive waters. They include rocks like quartz, slate, and schist. Marble is also a metamorphic rock that is formed out of limestone originals.

Know Their Weaknesses

You don’t have to know all of the chemistry behind the metamorphic marble rock, but it is important to know what can happen to marble within a home. It could etch, scratch, or stain, for example and knowing those downfalls can help you choose the way you treat it and how you clean it. You will want to avoid acidic items, even cleaners, on your marble countertops or floors. You don’t want to let spilled soda sit for very long and you don’t want to cut lemons directly on the marble. Knowing what can happen to the marble materials will help you avoid issues that have to be repaired. Prevention and maintenance are the two best tools you have in keeping your marble valuable and beautiful for many years into the future.

Finding The Ideal Slab With A Marble Company

Not only will you want just the right level of are on your materials, but you need to find the perfect slab in the first place. Each marble slab is unique and while you might have a basic color scheme in mind, you will need help finding the right veining. Perhaps you will know it when you see it or maybe the professionals at Impression can make some recommendations based on your preferences. Also don’t be shy about asking questions regarding maintenance and repairs so you know just what to do if something occurs and you want to care for your investment in the best possible way.

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