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Chic Uses For Marble

Using Marble In A Unique Manner

Marble is a classic (and classy) material that has been around for centuries. It simply never goes out of style and looks elegant no matter where you place it. Marble is a stone that is formed from crystallized carbonite materials and every piece is unique. It comes in a variety of colors and is known for giving beauty to any object it creates. If you are looking to create a unique home, you can’t go wrong with marble.

A Marble Headboard

You don’t have to use a ton of marble in your home in order to give your house flair. Using a beautiful marble slab as a headboard is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. The marble makes a great headboard and it doubles as wall art in its simple, beautiful manner. It makes a great centerpiece for the room and gives a splash of color to an otherwise plain wall.

A Coffee Table

If you need a coffee table in your living room, it is simple enough to make it elegant with a marble top. You can also get even more interesting by putting a carved marble base on the coffee table…or both. Adding marble to the room in a small way will give the room additional elegance and style.

Bathroom Accessories

Even if you don’t have the money to do a whole marble floor or countertop, you can add accessories to your bathroom in small ways in order to incorporate marble. Get soap dispensers, towel racks, or other marble items that won’t break the bank, but will give that polished marble appeal.

Tub Surround

For a bit more marble in the room, surround your tub either in a small manner or all the way up the wall. You’ll get a clean, modern, luxurious look from this aesthetic with a crisp surround that merges into the rest of the bathroom.

Pedestal Side Tables

If you want to incorporate marble on the outskirts of a room, place some taller side tables that have marble based or tops. Their texture and depth give clean lines to the room that also add interesting aesthetics.

Fireplace Surround

The fireplace can be a stunning part of the family room if you maximize the look with a marble surround. Marble with veins that flow diagonally can give the space a beautiful slow while emphasizing the warmth and inviting nature a fireplace can give.

Get More Ideas

If you want marble in your house, but you aren’t sure where or how to incorporate it yet, contact Impression for more ideas. We are experts when it comes to marble and we have done everything from floors and stairs to counters and pedestals. We’ll take on your project, large or small, and give the marble elements of your house a beautiful, long-lasting appeal that you will truly fall in love with.