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Can Marble Be Used Outside?

Can Marble Be Used Outside?

Marble has long been revered for its silky smooth surface and beautiful veining. You’ve probably witnessed the charm and elegance it brings to an indoor space, but what about outdoors? You may have heard that marble is a poor choice for outside. Let’s put this rumor to rest. With a little effort, you can experience the rich allure of marble in your patio, garden, or front yard.

How to Select and Maintain Outdoor Marble

Nature designed marble to withstand the elements. It’s temperature-resistant and strong enough to endure wind, rain, and snow. Marble also happens to be porous and soft, with a score of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. For this reason, some people may think marble isn’t appropriate for outside. The reality is that any material is going to face more wear and tear in outdoor conditions, even cement and brick. Marble is no different. That’s why it’s important to select the right marble and perform some basic maintenance.

Because marble is soft, it’s easy to sculpt into any shape you desire. This also can make it prone to scratching. To avoid this, select a marble with a matte or textured finish. Polished surfaces will wear out easier and can be slippery to walk on. Additionally, make sure to routinely apply a sealant to protect the marble from water and staining. To clean the surface, use a pH balanced stone cleaner and a soft cloth or mop. 

Popular Outdoor Marble Features

Love the idea of outdoor marble but aren’t sure how to use it? Try one of these gorgeous outside marble home features:

Marble Driveway or Walkway

You can add some serious curb appeal with a marble driveway or walkway. Marble pavers are designed to handle the impact of cars, foot-traffic, and weather, making them ideal for this type of project. 

Marble Patio or Walkway

Since marble is naturally heat-resistant, it will remain cool during the summer months. Marble tiles and pavers make excellent patio floors, providing a brilliant and comfortable outdoor oasis. 

Marble Outdoor Kitchen

Make your outdoor kitchen just as striking as your indoor one! Marble countertops and sinks will bring the wow-factor to your outside kitchenette or grill station.

Marble Outdoor Furniture

Marble isn’t exclusive to permanent home features. Even if you aren’t ready for a full outdoor renovation, you can still use marble to enhance your outdoor living space. Opt for a marble tabletop, bench, or stool.

Marble Fountain

For a European flair, incorporate a marble fountain into your front entrance or backyard garden.  Your home’s exterior will feel like a relaxing and luxurious retreat.

Experience the Beauty of Outside Marble Designs From Impression

Even though some people believe marble isn’t appropriate for outside, this just isn’t the case. Well-crafted and properly maintained marble can make an exquisite and long-lasting addition to your outdoor haven. At Impression, we offer a stunning selection of Italian and French marble. Once you select your marble, we will customize it to fit your style and vision. Contact us today to learn more about the beauty and functionality of outside marble.