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Can A Limestone Company Help With Kitchen Design?

Limestone Company Helpfulness In Kitchen Remodeling

When you are looking into new elements for your kitchen, you have a lot of little things you need to fit together in order to make the space come together as one. You have to think about décor trends, functionality, and what you want. When it comes to countertops, one of the trends is to lean toward specialization. When you work with a limestone company, you can think about dedicated areas for chopping, baking, and even food prep. Variation in the room is becoming the norm and many kitchen countertops mix materials and heights.

For Rolling Out The Dough

If you like to do a lot of baking that includes rolling out the dough, marble is an ideal countertop surface. It is a naturally cool surface that keeps dough soft and it doesn’t allow things to stick to it as you work. Having a marble workspace for rolling out dough can be very useful and the elegant look always enhances the room as well.

Pairing In A Butcher Block

You can use any countertop surface, like limestone, and put a piece of butcher block in the midst of it. That way, you can slice and dice on the wood in an ideal manner and it often looks great with the natural limestone materials. Keep in mind that wood can scorch and stain so you won’t want to use it for everyday countertop uses. But that’s what the rest of the counter is for.

Varied Heights In Limestone Counters

You will also want to think about varying the heights in your countertops if you want a customized style that is becoming so popular. The 36-inch countertop heights are great for casual meals, but if you are making involved recipes that require a lot of shopping or rolling, lower countertops are easier on your ergonomics. You might want to lower certain countertop areas by 2-3 inches in order to accommodate serious cooking.

Limestone Goes With Everything

The good news is that no matter what materials you want to mix into the room, the limestone countertops that surround the other materials will always look good. The natural material goes with anything and you can put in a butcher block or a marble rolling space with ease and still have style. Vary the heights or go with something all the same, it’s all up to you.

Contact The Limestone Company Professionals

The best idea is to talk to the experts at Impression about your countertop wants, needs, and underlying issues. They can help you figure out where limestone will work best, where you might want marble, and when it is a good idea to have a butcher block. With daily experience with the limestone material, they know what’s best and how to work with limestone in order to get you the highest quality results. Contact Impression and get started on looking over materials, textures colors, and styles. You’ll find something for your style and taste in no time and your kitchen will truly be your own.