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How You Can Include Limestone Into Your Home

Choosing The Right Limestone Accents

Your home is filled with a number of different materials. Perhaps several rooms in the house have hardwood flooring while others feature carpeting. You might have marble countertops in the kitchen and laminate bathroom countertops. The different materials mixed together are a part of your home’s style. When you are thinking about adding elegance and beauty to your home, you might consider limestone accents. There are plenty of places to incorporate a limestone theme in order to make the most of the stone’s natural element. Here are a few ideas:

Limestone Walls Are Rare And Unique

Limestone walls are popular because they are highly unique and not something you see in every home. They give the house a historically rich appearance, even if it’s brand new. The best part is you can use limestone outside or inside your home, depending on the look you are going for. You will elevate the ambiance of your home no matter where you place it. Since limestone is imported from Italy and France, you’ll get a foreign flair to your magnificent walls.

Stairs That Leave A Lasting Impression

If your staircase shows from your entryway, you’ll want a grand entrance with a stunning material such as limestone. A custom limestone staircase can give you the look you want. Limestone stairs give off the theme of elegance from your entryway and provide the durability you need for your stairs. The expert craftsmanship on the staircase will leave you with a transformed staircase.

Give Your Kitchen A Classic Addition

Your kitchen can easily be transformed into an old world masterpiece with the simple addition of a limestone kitchen hood. The hand-carved hood can be designed to your liking in order to give you a delicate design or something more grand and simple. Your kitchen hood should suit your preferences and the limestone theme will make the hood look natural and fit into the room.

Design Your Sinks With Limestone

Sinks are a necessity in any home and most guests will use them when they visit. The natural limestone allows you to design a sink that is worth seeing. The hand-carved sink can come in a number of different colors or stone types to give you a beautiful statement piece in an otherwise ordinary room.

A Material You Can Use, Inside And Out

In order to give your home a striking appeal, consider limestone columns for the interior or exterior of the house. The wide variety of colors allows you to match the limestone you want with the home’s style. These beautiful columns bring elegance and intrigue into any home.

We’re The Limestone Company You Need

There are plenty of limestone themes to choose from, but you own the home so you get to decide where your heart lies in limestone accents. Call the professionals at Impression to get advice, more ideas, or to start the process of incorporating limestone into your home, wherever you desire it to go. Your home can become what you’ve always wanted with a few simple limestone pieces.