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Buying Guide For Limestone Countertops

Getting Just The Right Limestone Countertops

When you are building a new house and are choosing the elements that go into the kitchen, or even just renovating your old kitchen, the countertops will play a huge role in the overall look and feel of the space. You want them to be functional, but also beautiful. Countertops can often pull colors together in a kitchen and make the room look cohesive and attractive. There are many different things you will want to think about as you look through countertop options. If limestone countertops have always been your dream, the color you get is important. Here are some things to think over as you move forward in your project.

Look At Samples In The Room’s Natural Light

When you go to a limestone company and take a look at the variety of limestone options and colors, you might like certain tones over others. But the lighting in the store could be completely different than the lighting in your kitchen. It’s important that you bring those samples back to the actual room and look at them under the lights in that room. Better yet, look at them during different parts of the day, sometimes with natural light only and other times with the overhead lights on. With the samples, you’ll get a good idea on how the limestone countertops will look during the varying hours of your kitchen space.

Think About The Sink

The countertops are going to be all around the sink, and you will want to think about how you want the sink to operate so you know what kind of countertop you will have. If you want the sink to be top mounted, you can have whatever countertop around it that you want. An undermount sink is placed under the counter. You could even continue the counter into the sink and have a full limestone sink to go with the limestone countertops.

Saving Money On Limestone Counters

Limestone isn’t the most expensive countertop material, but there are others that are less expensive as well. If you want to splurge on new appliances and save on countertops, there are ways to do that while still getting the countertops you want. Consider inspecting remnants for your countertops. These are leftover pieces outside of full slabs that weren’t used on other projects. You might find just the right remnant sizes and you can avoid the costs of a full slab. You could even mix and match colors based on the remnants you find. You could have a different color on the island than you do on the rest of the countertops and get a nice contrast in the room.

Choosing Your Limestone Countertops

If you really want limestone countertops, it’s hard to go wrong with the popular material. Talking with the professionals at Impression can help you avoid mistakes others have made in the past when organizing their kitchen materials. Limestone countertops will only add to your space with its natural beauty and elegance.

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