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Best Places for Indoor Wall Marble Fountain

The Right Place for an Indoor Wall Marble Fountain

Marble fountains are lovely no matter where you place them. While you might be used to seeing them outside, there’s nothing wrong with putting them inside, either. The aesthetics of your home, or even your business, are important to the first impression you are going to make on anyone who enters. Plus, you want to enjoy the space as well. Marble fountains are elegant and lovely inside and if you put them in one of these places, they stand out, just as they should. Here are a few options for wall marble fountains inside: 

The Lobby

If you have a business that sees a lot of clients and customers, placing a wall fountain made from marble materials can give your guests an impressive entrance. They can sit and wait for attention while listening to the trickling sounds from the fountain to calm any nerves they have from the stress of their day. It’s never too late to infuse tranquility into a day.

The Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are often dark and stuffy, but they don’t have to be. If you put in a wall marble fountain, you can improve the ambiance of the room as you search for just the right wine. You might invite guests to see the cellar and the fountain will even provide some humidity.

The Entryway

The entryway of your home sets the tone for the rest of the home and what guests will think of the house. After the front door, it’s the first thing people see, and this aesthetic is something no one will forget. Anyone who comes to your house will start off with an aesthetically pleasing experience and you will likely enjoy the relaxing sounds of the fountain yourself. 

A Spa or Salon

If you work in a spa, you want your guests to relax and leave their stress behind. One way to put that attitude into motion is by adding a wall fountain to the waiting area, the treatment rooms, or other locations. The noise and beauty of the marble fountain can work wonders. 

Above the Fireplace

The fireplace is a unit that adds warmth to the room, even when it isn’t operating. Placing a marble wall fountain above it can give you a truly stunning visual and make your home stand out as unique as well. The combination of fire and water and the sounds they make can give you a contrast unlike any other.

Other Marble Fountain Locations

There are plenty of other places you could put a marble wall fountain inside. Anywhere you want a soothing sound and calming effect with a stunning visual is a good location. The professionals at Impression can help you design and choose the right elements for your marble fountain as well as place it in just the right location. After installation, you will be glad you took the time to choose just the right design, style, and placement for the wall marble fountain in your home or business.

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