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Amplify Your Kitchen With Stone

Why Kitchens Are Better With Stone

Maybe Impression is biased, but we believe homes look better in stone. Our team is composed of artisans that take pride in making your dream interior design come true, which includes the kitchen! Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home, being where all family gathers every day. We specialize in kitchen hoods, countertops, walls, tiles, sinks, flooring, and more. Today, we’ll tell you all the reasons stone should be your remodel material of choice!

Easy to Care For 

Out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen experiences much higher traffic. It’s where kids do homework, meals are cooked, and everyone unwinds at the end of the day. Because your kitchen is inherently exposed to more stress, it’s best to keep the materials you use as low-maintenance as possible. Stone and stone veneer is specifically manufactured to withstand use (and abuse). Your stone will look beautiful for years to come no matter how much it withstands, maintaining its original appearance with very little upkeep.

Damage Resistant 

There’s a reason stone is so often used in home environments that endure so much heat, smoke, and steam! Much like fireplaces, kitchens are also exposed to elements such as those simply from cooking. While this can cause damage to other building materials, stone withstands it perfectly, all without being affected. This means it can go anywhere in your kitchen without worry!

Naturally Beautiful 

Let’s be honest: stone is stunning and elegant. No matter the type, stone elevates your home to a different level. Additionally, there are so many different types of stone that there’s sure to be one that fits your aesthetic. From classically traditional to modern-sleek, stone has a variety of colors and textures that will bring your room to life. Even stone of the same cut comes with the natural variations that occur during formation, meaning that your kitchen will always be one of a kind and unique!


Beyond its color and texture, stone is versatile in another way. It can be used to remodel virtually any part of your kitchen, from entryways to kitchen islands. Stone works to hide your kitchen hood, create unique shelving, or carve out a breakfast nook. With Impression, there’s no limit to the designs we can create with stone.


Stone is never going out of style, and that much is clear. Adding stone to your kitchen is a huge plus for homebuyers. It improves the kitchen and the overall home, changing the mood and surrounding rooms to be equally elegant and warm. In installing stone kitchen features with Impression, you ensure a higher return-on-investment (ROI) and resale value. 

Your Kitchen Looks Better with Impression

Impression is known for our ability to turn dreams into reality, and your kitchen is no exception. Our goal is to craft pieces that you and your family will love now and forever. Because your kitchen is so central to your home, it’s important to put all the effort in when remodeling it, and stone truly brings it to the next level. From entertaining to making breakfast for the family on the weekend, Impression is here to craft joy in your kitchen.

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