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Advice On Buying Limestone Tiles

Making The Right Purchase For Limestone

Limestone floor tiles are beautiful and can add a lot to almost any room. They have a clean, smooth finish and warm, natural colors that come in a wide range of options. Because they last so long, they have become highly popular over the years. They are commonplace in many modern homes and businesses. Even though limestone is porous, it makes great flooring and is remarkably durable. It has a lovely aesthetic appearance and versatility as well as a unique strength. But that doesn’t mean you can purchase just any limestone tiles and get the great results you want. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right limestone tiles for your flooring purposes.

Consider The Price Of Limestone

You will need to keep in mind that limestone tiles aren’t very cheap. Keep in mind, however, that after the project is complete you have a long-lasting flooring that will look great and hold up well for decades. It is worth the extra cost in order to get a good floor. But the prices do vary and you need to be careful not to lean towards the cheapest option just because of the price tag. The thickness of the tile does vary and the thicker the tile, the stronger it is. Limestone is usually tough, but some tiles are tougher than others. If you are going to have constant traffic on your tiles, get good quality to make it last.

Think About Your Color Scheme

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when it comes to your tiles is what color you want. There is actually quite a large range of tones available in limestone tiles. You can get something beige or even grey, blue, or pink. The natural colors enhance the look of the room, but you will need to find the right shade to fit it into the décor you already have, especially in a larger space.

Location Is Key

If you are going to use limestone tiles outside, that’s a great option. But you will want to make sure you get tiles compatible for outdoor use. Most will be fine with it, but you should double check to make sure you don’t get limestone specifically for the indoors.

Choosing A Finish

You will get to choose the color of the limestone tiles, but also the finish. If you are putting the tiles in the bathroom, you want a surface that is flat, but less polished. That makes cleaning easier and can also help keep people from slipping on the surface when wet.

Limestone: A Great Flooring Solution

No matter what you are considering, limestone is likely a great flooring solution. It is versatile and brings a lot into any room. Whether you are buying it for your bathroom, patio, kitchen, or entryway, you get stunning materials with high aesthetics. Call the professionals at Impression today and let’s work together to make your limestone tile dreams a reality.