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Add A Limestone Fountain To Your Entrance

Impress Visitors With A Limestone Fountain

There are plenty of beautiful locations to place a limestone fountain. Areas such as the center of a garden or an outdoor living space can be great places. However, you shouldn’t overlook putting a limestone fountain in the entryway, either. There are plenty of homes and businesses that could benefit from a limestone fountain in the entry. Here are a few examples why.

Homes With Grand Entries

If you want your home to make a huge first impression, you’ll focus on the entrance. Once you perfect the landscaping around the front walk and get the perfect front door to greet visitors, you’ll have to switch gears and really think about what they will see as they walk through the front door. But large open areas can sometimes feel too open. That’s where a limestone fountain can come in. Fill the space and add huge amounts of elegance along with the relaxing, trickling water sound.

Let A Limestone Fountain Welcome Your Guests

Hotels are places where people stay when they are away from home. They want to feel like it’s a home away from home, but at the same time, they want to feel like it’s something they don’t quite get at home. Perhaps something grander. There are plenty of ways to impress a guest, but first impressions leave a lasting impact. Placing limestone fountains in the entryway of the lobby can make a huge impression on a guest as they make reservations or check-in. They know they have nothing but the best to look forward to during their stay. Their expectations are met and exceeded simply because of the elegant fountain display.

A Limestone Fountain Can Impress Present And Future Clients

There are a variety of businesses that welcome clients into their office on a regular basis. Whether it’s a law firm that has conferences with other lawyers and clients or a counseling service with various people coming in and out, a limestone fountain in the entryway can give off a sense of calm along with a special charm. Having the fountain there as the first thing anyone sees, can easily impress clients as they move forward with their business.

Finding The Right Place For A Limestone Fountain

If you are choosing a limestone fountain for your home or business, you want to make sure you get things right. Limestone fountains can be very impressive, but if you choose something too large, it can be overwhelming. If you get the wrong color, it can clash. You want your fountain to stand out, but for the right reasons. Do your research on colors, sizes, styles, and even custom options and take your time making the right choices for your specific spot. When you have questions on what can be done, contact the experts at Impression. Keep in mind that limestone is a very pliable stone and can be customized in any way you’d like. Your limestone fountain should be unique and definitely will make an impression on anyone visiting your home or business.