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A Guide to Creating the Perfect Stone Entryway for Your Home

Things to Consider When Picking Your New Stone Entryway

Stone entryways are all the rage in home improvement. These bold doorways and porches feel nearly castle-like, and embody elegance, class, and timelessness. Ready to build your own? Before you dive into your next home addition project, read these tips on enhancing your stone entryway so you can plan and design the perfect statement entrance.

Paved Stone Stairs

Paved stone stairs offer an elegant entrance to any doorway. Because stone comes in so many colors and forms, any home is ready for this upgrade. At Impression, we offer limestone, marble, and reclaimed terracotta amongst other artisanal materials. These stairs can be shaped to accentuate your entryway and any existing patio, even including pathways that stretch down to sidewalks or driveways.

Paved Stone Porch

The best way to accompany paved stone stairs is with a paved stone porch. When designing the ultimate entrance to your home, consider what you’ll be using the space for. If you live in an area with frequently-occurring nice weather or intend on entertaining on your patio, a paved stone porch that spans the length of the house could be useful. Considering the amount of people that reside in your home, frequency of visitors, presence of pets, and what furniture may reside outside is necessary.

Consider Wood

Don’t let materials limit you! When it comes to exterior design, it’s easy to mix and match textiles without seeming busy. Combining stone and wood offers an outdoorsy vibe. Because both occur naturally, it’s possible to add in features from both. Consult an exterior designer, and find the perfect balance of wood- and rock-based features.

Repaint Your Trim

Adding stone means it might be time to update your exterior trim. While a small portion of the visual space, well-kept trim can add value and beauty to a home. Trim is, in most instances, stark white. However, if you’re feeling bold, it’s more than acceptable to pick a more standout color. Colors, beside white, add character, personality, and uniqueness. 

Think About a Bold Front Door

Similar to trim, your front door does not have to be a neutral color. When choosing a stone entryway, a pop of color for a painted door creates a modern aesthetic despite classical stone. Picking a colored front door tends to be less-committal than repainting all the trim a certain color scheme. Most popular among bright options are burgundy, red, teal, evergreen, and canary yellow — all of which accentuate the neutral, natural, low-saturation stone.

Lights, Please!

Once your stone entryway is physically constructed, it’s time to choose lighting fixtures. Picking bright, energy-efficient options optimizes the space, creating safety and beauty without overworking your energy bill or the environment. Depending on your personal style, there’s a number of options for porches, from rustic string-lights to modern cylinder lighting.

Adding Furniture

Front entryway furniture should be equal parts functional and fashionable. Typically utilized are small seating benches and thin tables, both of which come in handy when you’re running in and out the door. Many people find water-proof throw pillows the perfect accompaniment, adding comfort for when you want to relax on your patio.

Decor and Plants

The final touch to any space is decor and potted greenery. For tight spaces, try to utilize options that don’t touch the ground, like wall art and hanging plants. Some of our favorites are hanging vines, small candle holders, hanging metal compasses, and animal statuettes. Don’t feel as though you have to commit to any outside decor: it’s flexible with your style and the seasons! 

Welcome Home

Those are all of Impression’s best tips for creating your ideal stone entryway. What would you have added? If you’re ready to take the leap, check out Impression’s custom home features, including door surrounds, to bring your home to the next level.

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