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8 Limestone Custom Home Features To Ring In The New Year

Ring In The New Year With Custom Marble Features

The New Year is the perfect time for change. If you like change, this is no problem. However, for those who are more hesitant to change, you know that there are certain types of change that bring value and reward. For example, a new home feature will provide an exciting new atmosphere, high quality, timeless beauty, enhance home design and increase value. If you’re looking for all of these benefits in a beautiful custom home feature, then take a look below at several phenomenal options.  

1. Marble Fireplace

An essential feature in a living room or family room is a charming fireplace. With custom fireplaces, you can have the design that you prefer. Limestone fireplaces are known for their lovely color and hand carved designs. Hand carvings give a fireplace unique character and allows for it to match your home’s style.

2. Limestone Kitchen Hood

Have you ever seen an impressive kitchen design that inspired you to spruce up your kitchen or upgrade? If you want your kitchen to have that special designer look and feel, you will want to ensure that you have the right features – beautiful custom flooring, countertops, and a gorgeous custom kitchen hood.

3. Limestone Flooring

Whether your carpet is getting old or you’ve had the same flooring for a while and want to try something new, limestone flooring is a fantastic choice. There are many benefits of limestone flooring, including its durability, resistance to fire, bacteria and much more.   

4. Marble Columns

Marble columns have been used since ancient times in spectacular design. They bring an element of sophistication, grandeur and beauty into your home. If you want to enhance your home’s design, add a little European flair with marble columns.

5. Marble Stairs

If you are looking to revamp your entryway, consider marble stairs. Grand staircases always make a dramatic impact.

6. Limestone Sinks

Whether you need a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom, limestone sinks are a great option because they can be designed anyway you want them to look. A custom sink can fit the style and design of a particular room.

7. Limestone Door Surrounds

Want to make an impression when a guest walks through your doors? Limestone door surrounds will do the trick.

8. Marble Fountains

If you want to create an oasis in your own backyard, the marble fountains are the perfect custom features for you. No matter how big or small or the design you want, an experienced marble and limestone fabricator can craft and sculpt the fountain that fits your personal preferences and outdoor landscape.

Here are a few facts why we love marble:

  • It’s incredibly durable
  • It is a timeless beauty
  • Marble is mostly white, but can come in a range of colors
  • The Taj Mahal in India is made of marble
  • Marble is a metamorphic rock and is usually found with other rocks like mica schist and gneiss
  • In ancient times you could tell where it came from by its color
  • The color in marble comes from the impurities in it
  • Marble has been used for flooring and statues since ancient times
  • Marble originates from dolomite or limestone
  • Marble is usually found on the oldest part of the Earth’s crust