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7 Top Home Decor Ideas for Winter

What’s Your Cozy Winter Style?

Do you love styling your home with cozy décor? Winter is almost here and that means it’s time to get out your warm clothes and seasonal décor! We know that everyone has a different cozy style whether it’s rustic, romantic, or European. Incorporating warm, winter décor along with custom home features will transform your home into your favorite winter wonderland. Take a look below at a few ideas for creating that special atmosphere you want!

1. Upgrade to a custom limestone fireplace

The focal point of your living room or family room is your fireplace. This is the where the warmth of the room radiates from and draws you and your guests into the welcoming environment. Nothing portrays “cozy” better than a bright, crackling fire to curl up next to. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a TV show, having a conversation with friends or family, or roasting marshmallows, fireplaces are the epitome of a cozy evening in. With custom limestone fireplaces, you can create that special atmosphere you want. Custom limestone fireplaces can be hand carved to have the specific design that you and your family will admire for generations to come. Once your fireplace is ready, be sure to decorate the mantle with your favorite winter décor like pinecone, pine needles/branches, candles, ornaments, or otherwise.

2. Hang a winter painting

If you admire art or have a few paintings in your family room, switch them out in the wintertime with a snowy landscape or other winter style painting. This will bring the outdoors in and create that special wintery mood.

3. Create a warm environment

Make sure that your couches and chairs are facing your custom limestone or marble fireplace to set the mood. Add comfortable pillows and soft, elegant blankets or throws on your furniture for an extra warm, cozy feeling that you want to create.

4. Change up the room’s color palette

Wintertime has a cool color palette, which will help you determine the colors you want to use for the room. If you currently have bright or warm colored décor such as paintings, pillows, frames and more, you may want to switch it up. A few color schemes ideas are white and silver, greys, white and blues, white and deep purple, white and red, dark brown and forest green, gold and beiges, or otherwise.

5. Winter arrangements on the coffee table or side tables

You can bring the beauty of the winter inside with lovely winter floral arrangements, cozy candles, and other décor around your end tables and coffee table.

6. Adorn your chandelier

If you have a chandelier adorn it with some wintery leaves, pinecones, sparkly snowflakes or otherwise. Not only is it fun to decorate, but it will create more of the wintery atmosphere you want.

7. Bring in the Christmas tree

What would the holidays be without a classic Christmas tree? Of course, if you celebrate the holidays, then bringing a tall and magnificent tree in and adorning it with lights and ornaments will give your home that extra special holiday look and feel. If you don’t usually get a Christmas tree, adding a garland above your mantle can also give your room that wintery forest feeling.