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Marble Can Add to the Beauty of Your Living Room

6 Way Using Marble Can Make the Living Room Pop

Marble is Natural Beauty

The beauty of marble is timeless, making it a perfect addition to any living room. If you want to entertain or just live in elegance, there are many ways to incorporate marble into your home. Check out these tips on how people are using marble that you can use to make your living room pop, and make all of your friends both impressed and jealous!

1. Consider a Fountain

While there are many ways that you can add marble to your home, there are probably none that are as upscale and beautiful as adding in a full-fledged fountain. Your living room will become the height of a luxury with this addition, and your guests will agree that it adds that little something extra that takes your home to the next level.

2. Marble Furniture

A marble table in the middle of the living room is a great way to show off that classic marble feel without going overboard. There’s nothing more elegant than a marble accent piece; it has a beautiful, white, textured look that is both sturdy and elegant. Using it on a centerpiece table surrounded by couches not only looks great, it also will have great structural integrity and people will love it.

3. Marble Floors

If you want to go for an incredibly clad, decadent look, there’s nothing better than a full marble floor for your living room. It’s incredibly classy, modern, and is something that people are sure to comment on. Also, it’s surprisingly easy to clean if you know how, so any wine spills end up being no problem, which is a far cry from wine ending up on your expensive carpeting or rug.

4. Pairing Marble with Lightning

Using marble with accent lights can add a cool, modern feel to your living room. Back lighting under marble furniture both looks surprisingly cool, and it gives you the option of either using marble as a classy accent piece, or lighting the room up like an upscale night club. It’s up to you!

5. A Marble Fireplace

The living room is a place where you can gather with your friends and family to feel at home and enjoy yourselves. One of the best ways to encourage that feeling of warmness and joy is to add  in a fireplace. Marble is the perfect combination of upscale and inviting to surround your fireplace so your friends and family can get cozy and enjoy themselves.

6. Marble Surrounds

Make the doors to your living room pop with an elegant marble surround. This is a great way of taking a boring old door, and turning it into a true interior design statement. Surrounds are great to show the power and importance of a room, so using marble will communicate how classy, homey, and important the living room is to you.

Marble Conveys the Elegance You Want to Communicate

Turning any house into a home is difficult, but finding the perfect balance of class and fun into your home is even harder. With marble, you get the best of both worlds! Choose from these helpful tips to let marble make your living room great!

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