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6 Top Benefits Of Custom Limestone Home Features

Why Use Custom Limestone?

If you are considering getting a new, custom home feature such as countertops, a fireplace, or otherwise, limestone has numerous benefits. Limestone has been used for many centuries in the building of pyramids, chateaux, castles, cathedrals, and many other well-known buildings throughout history. Because it is a natural stone, the material is non-polluting and is quarried in an environmentally friendly way. Synthetic materials lose their charm and change over time, yet natural limestone retains its beauty and unique, natural appeal. Take a look below at a few benefits of using custom limestone in your home design.

1. Durability

Limestone is a durable material, which makes it a fantastic candidate for custom home features. It can endure wear and tear, which makes it a great candidate for walls, flooring, and much more.

2. Consistency

While many materials such as granite come in a wide variety of patterns, limestone is more consistent in its appearance. This is a benefit if you want to make sure that your limestone countertops, or other custom feature has the appearance you want.

3. Natural Beauty

If you are looking for a beautiful natural stone, limestone offers an authentic, warm and earthy look. If you want your home features to have high class, high quality, and sophistication, limestone achieves that effect.

4. Cost Effective

Another advantage of limestone is that it is affordable because it is readily available. So if you’re looking for a natural stone that has a beautiful appearance, but is cost-effective, limestone is your best option.

5. Versatility

Do you want your custom feature to match the interior of your home? With limestone’s versatility you can choose from a range of colors and have it cut and shaped in the way you want it to look. From fireplaces, to columns, to fountains and more, limestone can be sculpted and hand carved to form many different elegant features.

6. Easy Maintenance

If you want a material that is easy to clean and care for, limestone is a great choice. It only needs to be cleaned with a limestone cleaning solution and a rag. Your architect can direct you with simple care instructions, depending on the type of limestone feature you are interested in. For example, if you want limestone flooring, you may want to have it sealed each year, yet cleaning it is quick and easy.

4 Ways To Use Custom Limestone In Your Home

1. Limestone Door Surrounds

Door surrounds made of limestone are magnificent features that make a home stand out. If you’re looking for a European chateau or castle look, limestone door surrounds have that effect.

2. Limestone Columns

Looking for a dramatic, upscale effect for your home design? Limestone columns add and an element of character and class that you desire.

3. Limestone Fountains

The majority of European cities and homes, especially in France and Italy have beautiful fountains. If you’re interested in creating an impressive and peaceful atmosphere for your garden or lawn, having a limestone fountain is key.

4. Limestone Sinks

Whether inside or outside, limestone sinks bring an appealing Old World design to your home.

We hope you find the perfect natural stone choice for your next custom home feature. If you have other questions about limestone or home features, we’d be happy to assist you.