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6 Instant Interior Design Tips

How To Instantly Transform Your Home From Drab To Fab

If you are ready to upgrade your home, we are here to give you a few fantastic tips. Enhancing your home’s design doesn’t have to be an enormous task. With these simple, sophisticated design tips, you can make your home feel fresh and new again.

1. Mix up the old with the new

When you want a change, the easiest way to accomplish this is by mixing it up. This means finding new patterns or textures that you can rearrange or add. Buy antiques and immerse them in with new furniture or design. Of course, the way you style your home will reflect your personality. So whether you like antiques, new furniture, or both, you can switch it up by rearranging or adding new pieces.  There is no reason why old and new can’t coexist. Some may not agree, but if you love the story behind your great relative’s desk or table, but also adore your new sofa, there is no reason why you can’t show off both.

2. Paint smaller rooms in a lighter color

Is your office, den or other small room beginning to feel too small or cramped? If you are getting weary of your smaller room, one of the best ways to open it up and make if feel bigger is by painting it a lighter, softer color. Any natural light that can be reflected into the room will also help make the space feel bigger than it is.

3. Change up your slipcovers

From winter to spring, to fall, to summer, each season brings a different feeling and color palate.  To give your home a fresh change, incorporate these colors into your design. A white slipcover is beautiful and airy for spring and summer, whereas for fall or winter you may choose to go to beige, a warmer brown, or even red. Slip covers are also ideal for families that have children or pets to help prevent any stains or messes on your sofa.

4. Add a limestone or marble custom home feature

Another phenomenal way to upgrade your home is with a beautifully handcrafted limestone or marble custom home features. Whether you want to give your fireplace a makeover, or upgrade your kitchen with a kitchen hood, redo your stairs, add a fountain to your backyard or transform your doors and windows, there are many options to choose from that will dramatically impact your home’s design for the better.

5. Use mirrors for decoration

Mirrors are not just for seeing your appearance. They can also be used as décor and help improve the light in that are. In a large room, you can put large mirrors across from windows to brighten up the room.  With their wide diversity in color, shape, size etc. mirrors provide a wonderful opportunity to bring more pizzazz to the space that you want to brighten up.

6. Add greenery

If you easily tire of your décor, try adding some plants into your home. Not only are plants a beautiful way to decorate, but they also release more oxygen and can absorb harmless gases and pollutants from the air. Plants help bring the beauty of nature indoors and can create a relaxing and exotic escape in your bathroom, bedroom or other living space.

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