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6 Impressive Marble And Limestone Features

Custom Home Features That Will Elevate Your Home

If you are looking for new custom home features to enhance your home and impress your friends and family, be sure to consider marble or limestone features. These natural stone materials are highly popular and have been used for thousands of years in numerous buildings and famous landmarks. Because of their incredible, timeless beauty, marble and limestone are two of the top choices for home features.

Do you need ideas for revamping your home? Take a look below at a few fabulous limestone and marble features that will impress.

1. Limestone and Marble Columns

If you want a custom feature that will dramatically enhance your home’s aesthetics, then columns are the way to go. These features have been used in interior and exterior design throughout Europe for thousands of years. They create an elegant and exquisite environment in any room, whether they are at the top of your staircase or outside on your balcony.

2. Limestone Countertops

If you ready to replace your kitchen or bathroom countertops, limestone countertops are a fantastic choice. Not only is it a durable natural stone material, but it also is aesthetically pleasing and versatile, so it can fit any style or interior décor.

3. Terracotta Roofing

Whether you need new roofing or want to revamp your roofing to look European, terracotta roofing is a beautiful choice. Roofing makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. If you are interested in an exterior remodel, you may want consider updating your roofing. Add an authentic European look and charming character to your home with beautiful reclaimed terracotta tiles.

4. Limestone and Marble Door Surrounds

Another feature that will definitely elevate your home is marble or limestone door surrounds. These magnificent features have also been used in famous buildings and architecture throughout Europe for several centuries. These pieces provide timeless beauty and enhance any door or window, creating a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

5. Limestone and Marble Sinks

Need a new sink or looking to upgrade? Rather than getting a typical porcelain sink, consider a beautiful limestone or marble sink. These natural stone materials not only look fantastic, but also are water resistant and durable. These sinks are perfect for your bathroom or even an outside sink.

6. Limestone and Marble Stairs

A staircase can be an eyesore or add magnificent beauty to a room. If you want your stairs to complement the rest of your gorgeous home, then you will want natural stone stairs. Whether you prefer limestone or marble, either of these stairs will create that entrancing atmosphere you desire.

A home should be a place where you feel comfortable and happy. When your interior design matches your style and looks the way you want, you will be proud of your home. Let your home reflect your elegant taste and lifestyle with custom-made marble and limestone features. As always, we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding limestone and marble features.

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