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6 Best Custom Limestone Features For A Superior Home

Top Limestone Features For Superior Home Design

Are you interested in discovering beautiful new custom home features that will enhance your home’s design? We are pleased to provide you with a list of wonderful limestone features that elevate anyone’s home.

1. Intricate Wall Partitions

If you are looking for a way to divide a room in your house, a wall partition is the best solution. These walls are not supported by any weight because they are made to function as a divider between rooms. Limestone wall partitions add a beautiful element of style and design to your home. The benefit of these type of walls is that they are easy to create and are lightweight. They also occupy less floor area since they can be thinner, as they are not meant to support any weight.

2. Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone fireplaces are the perfect feature to get for the winter. The cold winter season is not as cozy and bright without a charming, sophisticated limestone fireplace to complete your living room, family room or bedroom. The advantage if these fireplaces are that they can be easily cut and shaped to have any design you like. These custom features can be made to fit perfectly in your room with the specific look that you want. From simple and elegant, to detailed and magnificent, limestone fireplaces can be hand carved to match your style preferences.

3. Limestone Columns

One of the best ways to impress your family and friends is with limestone columns. These features are widely used in Europe as a significant element of design and architecture. In ancient Europe, columns were used for supporting structures, yet now because of their magnificent aesthetics, popularity, and beauty, many people use columns for their style. However, limestone columns can be used as supportive structures for balconies, window supports, and more.

4. Limestone Kitchen Hoods

A kitchen should make an impression, as it is one of the most popular rooms in a home. From family dinners, to cooking for friends, to entertaining at holidays or parties, the kitchen is the most used room. With spectacular design, it can create the lovely atmosphere you want to feel happy and comfortable in. One of the best custom features for a kitchen is a limestone kitchen hood. These add an element of sophistication and beauty to any kitchen.

5. Limestone Door Surrounds

Another custom home feature that will impress your guests are limestone door surrounds. Whether you want to dress up your doors or windows, limestone is the perfect way to create that upscale, European look. A door with a limestone surround is much more appealing and makes any home stand out.

6. Limestone Fountains

Limestone fountains are a fantastic way to create a beautiful, relaxing environment. With the numerous benefits that limestone fountains have including the peaceful sound of trickling water, exquisite custom design, drowning out surrounding noises, and much more, these are wonderful additions for your backyard or the courtyard of your home.