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Make Your Limestone Features Stand Out with Complementary Paint and Lighting

5 Ways to Make Your Limestone Piece Stand Out

You’ve Already Got Your Limestone

The entrance to your house is adorned with beautiful limestone, but it still doesn’t look the way that you want it to. Even the most beautiful pieces need a little bit of outside help to get the immaculate, shiny look that you’re going for. Here are five ways to make your regular limestone look incredible.

1. Lighting is Important

Beautiful lighting surrounding your limestone is by far the best way to get the lustre that you want from your limestone is to add in some warm lighting. This makes all of the difference if done correctly. The warmth of the light reflects off of the limestone, bringing warmth to every inch of your limestone, making it stand out in an elegant, chic way. If you follow this tip your home will feel more like a home than it ever has before.

2. Balance Cold With Warm

When you’re going to bring something cold like limestone in your house, your home is going to feel a lot more welcoming if you balance it out with things that are naturally warm. In fact, this is the reason behind why many people decide to put limestone fireplaces inside of their homes. Your best bet is to complement your cold limestone with a warm, comfy rug. There’s nothing more inviting.

3. Complement With a Bold Shade of Paint

One of the great things about limestone is how elegantly it tames bold colors. If you have a room with a lot of limestone that you’re not sure what to do with, complement it with a bold red or a dark blue, you’ll find that these colors are softened by having the limestone around. Choose your favorite bold color and limestone will make your accent wall stand out.

4. Change Colors

By introducing limestone to certain chemical compounds, you can alter the color for a new fresh look. For this one, you’re going to need a professional to do the job for you, but if you’re in need of a serious color injection, this might be the job to get it done. This is a great decision for more experienced interior designers, who know what the final product is going to look like.

5. More Limestone

Honestly, limestone pairs with limestone. That’s the reason that it’s used so much in architecture. Have you thought about adding in some limestone columns or a limestone fountain? Either of these are great choices to round out even the inside of your house. All of your limestone together unifies the theme of your interior design and simplifies it substantially, so it looks great.

Make Limestone Your Focal Point

When you’re remodeling, you want to make the most out of the expensive limestone pieces that you have created with your local limestone company. In order to make them pop in the way that they should, you need to add in a little bit of contrast, and a lot of limestone. During your next remodel, this is the best recipe for success.

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