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5 Top Reasons To Have Reclaimed Terracotta Tile Flooring In Your Home

Benefits of Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles For Flooring

Reclaimed Terracotta is a beautiful material that is made from clay and other natural materials. It was given its name because it is essentially, baked earth. The texture and color can vary, yet typically have a warm, earthy tone and rich color palate. These tiles are taken from old chateaux and farmhouses in France and are generally a hundred years old or more. They can also come in different shape and sizes. Reclaimed terracotta that was made in Europe is durable, authentic and unique in color, texture and design. Take a look below at 4 reasons why reclaimed terracotta is a wonderful option for flooring.

1. Sense of History

Reclaimed terracotta is perfect for those who want to create an atmosphere in their home that reflects history and culture. Because these types of tiles are so prominent in Europe, they give that unique, European charming look and feel to any home. Not only do they have a lovely appearance, but also are very practical and durable for flooring.

2. Long-lasting Natural Stone

No one wants to get a floor that will crack and be worn within a few years. When you get flooring, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. The fact that reclaimed terracotta is a durable natural material is one of the main reasons (other than aesthetics) why many appreciate it and use it for their flooring, especially in Europe. Reclaimed terracotta is widely used in Europe, like wood is used in the United States. If you want reclaimed terracotta that was made to last, Europe is the best place to get it since these tiles were crafted with a great deal of care. While reclaimed terracotta is durable and can withstand heavy traffic, it is also a softer material, so it feels more comfortable on bare feet than some harder tiles. Because they have remained intact for hundreds of years in France shows that they are a durable and reliable flooring material.

3. Charming Character

Reclaimed Terracotta has an undeniable beauty that everyone admires. Reclaimed terracotta tiles vary in color, size and shapes. Because they were made centuries ago, many have distinct patterns. Since they range in color tone and style, you can easily match these tiles to your interior design. Their warm tone and charming look brings character to any room.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Unlike some types of flooring, reclaimed terracotta is friendly on the environment since they are minimally processed, as they are recycled material. Another great benefit is that they are not as expensive as some other eco-friendly types of flooring, yet still just as beautiful and provide a more cultured look.

Reclaimed Terracotta For Beautiful, Unique Roofing

Another fantastic use for reclaimed terracotta is roofing. Many buildings in France such as chateaux and farmhouses used terracotta tiles for their roofing. If you want your home’s exterior to look European, then reclaimed terracotta tiles are key.