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5 Top Custom Limestone Features For The Winter

Benefits of Custom Limestone Features

Fall weather is swirling through the air, and winter will be here before we know it. During these cooler months, there are several home features that come in useful and create that warm, cozy atmosphere you desire. Your home is your place of peace and comfort and should have the look and feel that you want. With custom home features you can create that environment that inspires and delights you. Take a look below at the 5 custom home features we love for fall and winter.

1. Limestone Fireplaces

When you think of warmth, you may think of a fireplace. Fireplaces are one of the best home feature that you can snuggle up next to with a good book, a friend or family member, or a marshmallow on a skewer. Whether you are making s’mores, having a deep conversation, playing games with friends and family, or enjoying your favorite hobby, a fireplace is the perfect place to enjoy fun and relaxing activities. With limestone fireplaces you can not only have a source of warmth and comfort, but also can personalize the design to your preferences. Limestone fireplaces can be designed with hand carving and other beautiful styling so that it is unique to your home.

2. Limestone Kitchen Hoods

Cooking in your kitchen shouldn’t be a task that you want to rush and get done as quickly as possible because you don’t like the design of your kitchen. A well-designed kitchen that has a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This will also make cooking and entertaining in your kitchen much more enjoyable. If you want to spruce up your kitchen with a simple, yet elegant feature, a limestone kitchen hood is a wonderful addition. It can include hand carved designs to match your personal style and preference. With this distinctive feature, you can transform your kitchen from drab to fab.

3. Limestone Countertops

Ensure that your kitchen is ready for the holidays with beautiful, durable countertops. If you have friends and family over, you are bound to set out snacks and even your holiday feast on the counters. Make sure that your turkey and cranberry sauce have a place to be displayed. With limestone countertops, you will have durable and aesthetically pleasing counters.

4. Limestone Flooring

When you have friends and family over, you will want to be sure that your flooring will be able to handle heavy traffic, spills and other types of natural occurrences. Because limestone is a natural and durable stone, it is a great choice for flooring. When it has a natural seal, it not only looks beautiful and elegant, but it also will be very durable. Limestone flooring is wonderful for either interior or exterior flooring, as it is resistant to water and mold with the proper care.

5. Limestone Door Surrounds

Do you want to impress your friends and family when they come to visit for the holidays? A simple and easy solution to making a dramatic difference without going through a large remodel are magnificent limestone door surrounds.

We hope that you find the perfect custom limestone feature for your home this fall and winter. And if you have any questions about limestone or custom features, we will happily assist you.