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5 Natural Stone Trends for 2021

5 Natural Stone Trends for 2021

A precious gift from Mother Nature herself, natural stones offer enduring strength and unique beauty. For this reason, they’ve never gone out of style. For thousands of years, artists and architects have chosen natural stones for their masterpieces. Though natural stone features are timeless, designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate them into their designs. If you’re searching for the latest and greatest, consider one of these rising natural stone trends for 2021:

1. The More Veining, the Better

Veining is a type of natural stone pattern. As mineral deposits set in during the stone formation, they create these long, winding streaks. Resembling streams or lighting bolts, veining mirrors the natural beauty of our landscape. Though veining is technically the result of an impurity, it has become increasingly more desirable. In fact, the more prominent the veining, the higher the value. For example, highly veined marble can cost upwards of $100 per square foot. If you long for a luxurious, upscale home feature, choose a natural stone with dramatic, high-contrast veining.

2. Natural Stone Fireplaces and Firepits

Brick and wood had its time. Natural stone is now the must-have material for fireplaces and firepits. Since most natural stones are temperature-resistant, they can live up to the high heat of crackling fires. Some stones, like marble or limestone, are also easy to carve. For this reason, artisans can craft custom stone fireplaces with unique designs.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Stone Walls

When you think of natural stone, floors and countertops likely come to mind. This year, interior designers have found a fresh way to show off these natural materials. To really elevate your space, consider a floor-to-ceiling stone accent wall. It’ll be the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Some neutral stones will bring a warm, earthy vibe to the space while sparkly or highly patterned stones can amp up the drama and glamor.

4. Textured Finishes

Shiny, high-polished finishes used to be the gold standard for natural stone. Though glossy finishes aren’t going anywhere, we’re seeing a growing interest in textured ones. This includes honed, leathered, brush hammered, natural cleft, and sandblasted finishes. Homeowners appreciate the raw elegance of these finishes as well as their practicality. Textured stones are slip-resistant, making them perfect for floors and wet spaces. They also disguise scratches and weathering better than a polished surface. 

5. Natural Stone Outdoor Features

As people long to be one with nature again, outdoor living spaces are becoming a priority. People are spending extra time to create that outside oasis. To honor and accentuate their natural landscapes, homeowners can incorporate natural stones into their patios, pools, and gardens. This could be a marble fountain or tabletop, or a limestone patio or walkway. These beautiful stone features will look right at home in their natural element.

Impression is on the Forefront of Natural Stone Trends

As a leading natural stone dealer, Impression is up on the latest trends and techniques. We carefully curate each stone material, selecting the highest quality marble, limestone, or reclaimed terracotta. Our artisans then custom-make each piece, using hand-carving techniques and state-of the-art tools. If you can dream it, we can create it. To learn more about these natural stone trends and get started on your home project, give us a call or visit our showroom. You’re going to love the unique and long-lasting beauty that our natural stone features bring to your home.